Only 4 days left …

Where Is Anton.

As some of you may have noticed, we are running a little creative photo contest here on Stuck In Plastic. We asked you to be on the lookout for Anton and share his adventures and sightings around the globe with us. And the images are pouring in. You still have four days (and that includes a full weekend) to get your Anton in. One fantastic toy photographer who did not wait until the last minute was Marco, our Adult Photographer from Italy.

The inspiration of an Aphol.

So we asked Marco what inspired him.

I can tell you that thinking about Anton, the first thing that came to my mind was a trip, so, for the first picture, I imagined Anton while making his luggage.
How could his room look like?
Wooden walls for sure, so I started to grab all my 1×2 bricks with a wooden path. If the walls were made of wood, the same thing for the floor, so I take all the 1×4 plates with wood print and I started to fill a 16×16 plate.

While building, my imagination kept on working full force.
Thinking about the furniture in the room.
Thinking about Anton’s life.
His hobbies and passions.
And so i made the bed and I thought that he would have hanged on the wall his best catch, the fish.
The Golden Hour
I wanted some light to simulate the coveted “golden hour” because Anton made the luggage at the end of the day.
So, I placed a lamp pointed toward the window.
I have also made other details barely visible in the picture, which may seem to be a waste of time, but everything, even if not or barely visible, contributed to the final result.
The cat was the last piece, because Anton is a fisherman, and can you think of a better place as a home for an old cat?
The old cat by the sea.

The final touches.

Turning the head of Anton toward his jacket and hat was the final change I made. I wanted him to look almost “nostalgic” while packing.  Thinking about the old times when he used to be a sea dog.
The final image.
 We are very much inspired by Marco contribution. The passion and the details that went into this image are just stunning.
We can’t wait to see more.
You all have 4 days left to submit your own.
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Joseph Cowlishaw (Joecow)

Excellent image Marco – well thought out! I will be adding a few more shots of Anton soon.

Bennett McKinney
5 years ago

Great shots man, glad they are giving away more than one because you got one of them for sure

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