The Story Continues: The Man Of Her Dreams

The Story Continous

After our models went fishing they now start to show up all over the globe. It is still unclear where and what they have been doing. Our reporter on the other side of the pond reports. 

Monday Morning

A normal day for our GPL Tech

It is a normal Monday for the GPL Tech. Grabbing a quick morning cup of coffee from the little coffee shop at Assembly Square before heading to work at Garmadon Propulsion Laboratories (GPL).

The Man of Her Dreams

No one could believe what they saw on Tuesday.
Everyone knew the technician was obsessed with Batman, but no one expected to see her walking out of the coffee shop with the dark knight himself.

An unexpected sight

Even more surprising was that it wasn’t a coincidence. They didn’t just happen to be coming out of the coffee shop at the same time, they actually sat down together and started drinking coffee while laughing and giving each other flirtatious looks.

Mystery resolved

However, the excitement was short lived when the towns people realized that it was not actually the caped crusader. Instead, it just happened to be the GPL tech’s boyfriend headed to comic-con that day.

After Coffee.

After coffee with her boyfriend, she returned to work at Garmadon Propulsion Laboratories just like every other day.

Another day slaving away for Garmadon.

She wears her batman shirt every day though.
Secretly hoping that one day the man of her dreams will come rescue her from the evil Garmadon!

Thoughts from the reporter

I absolutely love the eyes on this minifigure. I can see myself using the head on many other figures or in many other photos. Beyond the amazing printed face we have an awesome lab coat with the batman shirt underneath which can have many uses as well. It also provides an interesting clue that perhaps all the Lego movies are living within the same universe (or maybe I am just hoping for this!). Along with this minifigure you also get the classic red mug and laptop.

I can’t wait to add the rest of these amazing minifigures to my collection!


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6 years ago

The Dark Knight :)

A sweet little love story, still waiting to continue.

I couldn’t agree more with you Kenton, that LEGO magically blends all the universes and allows us to go beyond. I think this is one of the magic powers of LEGO that you can tap so easily in all the known universes and blend them together. And it keeps on amazing me how we almost all tend to blend the Ninjago world into our own classic cities in this ongoing review.

Looking forward to the sequel!


6 years ago

What a nice little story. With a twist ;-)
Great little review.

6 years ago

I’m also pretty sure all the LEGO characters are part of the same LEGO universe. We already partially saw it in the LEGO Movie, then there’s the game LEGO Dimensions, and now these Batman and Unikitty references in Ninjago. I’m usually not very excited about sequels but all this makes me really curious about the LEGO Movie 2 :-)

6 years ago

Lovely story, Kenton! Her very own superhero… Thank you for this heartwarming review!

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