Memories of the future

Memories, they are a funny old thing. Some are etched on our mind, ready to be recalled seemingly at will, like those once in a lifetime events, our favorite holiday or heady moments of our youth. Yet, there are so many things that we do every day that are inconsequential, which often we do not dwell upon at all, only until something comes along that creates the right spark.

Retro Spaceman; saving the world, mostly at weekends

That is what happened to me when I first saw the Series 17 Retro Spaceman, which once I saw him made me think of something that I had not thought about for a long time; Home. But not a recent Home, he transported me back nearly forty years to those cold, dark winter evenings watching old black and white series like King of the Rocket Men that ran after the children’s shows had ended, which I would watch on the sitting room carpet, surrounded by either diecast cars or Lego. Not something that I had thought about for a long time, and clearly a reminder that everything that we have done must be recorded in our noggins somewhere.

So when Boris recently invited us to review a Series 17 minifigure, I knew that it would be great fun to try to recreate the scenes from these futuristic TV series and B-movies with this new character from the latest wave of minifigures. Much like the Alien Conquest sets from over five years ago, Lego have done a wonderful job in capturing the details from these shows on our new hero; with a Roman-style helmet with inbuilt headphones, Hollywood grin with chisel jaw, flowing cape, atom symbol printing on the arms and a retro ray gun that will even make a Classic Spaceman jealous… this guy really does have it all!

I have really enjoyed the last weekend taking and editing shots with this latest collectible minifigure, trying to recreate scenes of alien escapades and robot henchmen and I cannot wait to see the amazing photos that you will be taking when Series 17 hits the shelves in May.

Running away, or leading them to a trap?

All I hope now is that LEGO does not produce a minifigure that reminds me of all those Maths lessons I did not enjoy…


Retro Spaceman in Attack of the Prefabricated Killer Robots


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3 years ago

Ian, thank you for this passionate post! It just made me see this guy in a different light…

Stefan K / fubiken
3 years ago
Reply to  herrsm

Me aswell! This post made me think of old Flash Gordon, thank you

3 years ago

Great review Ian. The Retro Spaceman is indeed a glorious tip of the hat to some wonderful childhood memories!

3 years ago

I love this figure! Looks great in black and white. Reminds me a bit of the Day the Earth Stood Still. I guess this is a nod to Marvin the Martian too – although I would like to see a Lego version of him!

3 years ago

Brilliant post! You really nail the way miniature figures can take us back into our past(s)… And I especially enjoyed the last picture here: great encounter, and stark contrasts (which I like).