I am a rocket boy

I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I’m a rocket boy …

Someone took a close look at the package before me :)

I was ecstatic when I saw that my series 17 rocket boy had finally hit my mailbox on Saturday.

Here’s what he looks like straight out of the package.

Editor’s note. The SIP packages were sent pre-assembled. LEGO packages do come in pieces and require some building skills :)

Before he came I had thought about what type of photo I wanted to capture with him and came to the conclusion that a rocket really needed to be flying into space. I wanted him specifically shooting up into the stars. Although the finished photo may not be completely what I had originally imagined I still think it turned out pretty good.

My Image – I’m a rocket boy …

Here is a behind the scenes photo of my setup.

In order to get the stars, I poked a ton of holes in the construction paper with my wife’s stolen knitting needle. It was the only thing I could find quickly that was the right size ;) The clouds are just made of construction paper and layered for a little bit of depth. Rocket boy has his boosters on still and is bursting through the clouds and into the starry sky.

A true crunchy BTS (Behind The Scene)
Lightpainting and softbox all in one …

I do have a decent camera (Nikon D810), but I do not own any fancy lights or soft boxes. My iPhone has become my favorite lighting tool. For this photo, since the rocket boy was stationary, I did a long exposure. I shot it in pitch dark and left the lens open for about 10 seconds. During that time I used my iPhone as a lightbox (on the brightest setting with a white background) and light painted over the rocket boy. Then I put it behind the blue construction paper to light up all the holes. One thing I wish I could have done differently would be to make stars rather than just circles, but I would need some type of star hole punch to do that (unless one of you readers has a better idea)?

[clickToTweet tweet=”I’m a rocket boy – Kenton reviews Series 17 Rocket Boy at #StuckInPlastic” quote=”I’m not the man they think I am at home Oh no no no I’m a rocket boy – Elton John”]

I have to say I am a sucker for the costumed minifigures and especially the little kid ones. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have my own little kids who are always making creative costumes and pretending they are fairies, superheroes, or astronauts.

Overall, I love this figure and was pleasantly surprised by the detailed printing and the awesome gray classic space torso. The hand-drawn looking flag will also be something I can repurpose for other shoots. When you combine the fact that he has the classic torso, the rocket body, and the flag, you get quite the bang for your buck with this minifigure. You also get a lot of elements that you could apply to other figures or photos.

He’ll become a part of my collection for years to come.
I can’t wait to start feeling all the series 17 bags to complete the rest of the series come May 1st.

Kenton | Instagram:@kentonanderson

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5 years ago

Awesome shot of my absolute favorite character in this series and beyond.

And I really have to try that long exposure lightning technique you share with us here. That sounds amazing. Still love my strobes though :)

Awesome post, Kenton

5 years ago

Kenton, I didn’t mean my strobes are fancy.
It was more about the amazing difference between long exposure and light painting vs freezing the image with a flash of light.

I LUV the light in this one. Really :)

5 years ago

OH MY GOODNESS… my favourite lego minifig photo ever! Beautiful work, great process.

5 years ago

Great technique!

I used long exposures a lot (with a simple desk lamp) in my early toy photography. Then I moved to flashes because it looked fun to play with. But to be honest I think light painting makes it easier to control the light: you don’t need to struggle with reflectors, diffusers, settings, batteries, etc. It’s been a while I’ve been thinking that if I ever go back to shooting indoor, I would go back to light painting :-)

John Stevenson
John Stevenson
5 years ago

Well done! The picture turned out excellent.

5 years ago

You can always play with blur to get your starry shapes

Jennifer Nichole Wells

I love this image very very much. Nicely done. The construction paper lends an illustration effect that works so well with rocket boy.

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