The Postman Always Rings Twice

Living on an island in the middle of nowhere, disconnected from all civilization, lightyears away from the LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark (read the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden) is not the best place for postmen to deliver their packages ahead of schedule.
So when I got the SMS from our postman earlier this week on Monday they could deliver our package on Thursday this week (today) or the week after, I knew we for sure would not be the first, second or third to share the news on the new minifigures with the world.

By now, if you are die-hard LEGO news junkie you must have read the full reviews of the Series 17 on Brothers BrickEuroBricks or BrickSet and they all add their unique twist to the review.
I really enjoyed reading them in anticipation of the postman to ring today.

We got our box of TLG (read The amazing LEGO GROUP) today and are planning our creative review of Series 17 to be shared with you pretty soon.

Now, as we like to take this series on a creative spin, we are looking for creative reviewers to join in the fun ahead of the official release date on May 1st and participate in the plastic crowd review of this new series TLG is about to unleash upon us.

What do we offer?
Your selected Series 17 minifigure shipped this weekend as your personal model for your photoshoot and review.

You shoot your model in your surroundings with you as the creative director behind the camera before the crowd.

You share your photo and your story and review here on Stuck In Plastic this month.

And yes, the model will stay with you …

What do you need to do?
Just let us know in the comments which Series 17 model(s) you would like to shoot and confirm you feel comfortable with writing a post for us and a quick link to your portfolio (IG, Flickr, G+, …) if you are new to the blog.

The Models

  • Corn Cob Guy
  • Circus Strong Man
  • Roman Gladiator
  • Connoisseur
  • Retro Spaceman
  • Yuppie
  • Hot Dog Man
  • Battle Dwarf
  • Professional Surfer
  • Gourmet Chef
  • Veterinarian
  • Butterfly Girl
  • Rocket Boy
  • Dance Instructor
  • Elf Girl

We will select the happy few over the weekend based on your input, and get your models under way asap …

The comments are open!

Taking plastic places.
Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into untold stories for generations to come.
100% Stuck In Plastic.

55 Replies to “The Postman Always Rings Twice”

  1. I’ll be happy to take part in the plastic crowd review I did promise Shelly I’d start to post here on SiP many months ago and haven’t yet ! Maybe this will kick start a long and creative collaboration.

  2. I am a pet photographer who also plays with toys :) I would love to shoot the veterinarian from both a pet photography and toy photography perspective. My IG is PlayfulPawsPhoto

  3. I’d love to have that opportunity and the Butterfly Girl looks like a wonderful challenge as I think that may be a fun departure from “in house” photography to the outdoors/nature interaction!
    (Just got a message saying my last comment may be spam… not sure why)

  4. I would love to have a go at Hot Dog Man, or Rocket Boy, or Retro Spaceman, Circus Strong Man, oh heck, picking one is hard, they all jump out and start telling you their stories when you look at them.

  5. I would love to take part! I’ve always enjoyed Stuck In Plastic, and I’m happy that I get a chance to help out. I’d love to use the Retro Spaceman, but I am of course happy using any of them. I am ceetainly comfortable with my camera and shooting abilities, and I consider myself decent writer.
    My Instragram is @NopFilms_LEGO, and you can email me at

    Thanks a ton!
    Jack N

  6. I’ll honestly take any, but my preferences are the corn cob guy, rocket boy, or/and hot dog man. I’m totally cool with writing a little bit about the figure(s) and would love the opportunity! My IG is @legorunner

  7. Whoa awesome idea! I would love to shoot and review the connoisseur. Most of my toy photography is on IG @brickologie. I also wouldn’t mind shooting the Yuppie or circus strong man if necessary. Cheers

  8. What a great idea! Let’s see, there are so many cool ones.
    I’d love the rocket boy, the yuppie, the French guy with the bulldog, hot dog guy (there’s a cool place in my town that has gourmet dogs).

  9. Wow! This is awesome! I would love to take on any one of these figures! I haven’t taken a photo of LEGOs in a while, so this would be wonderfully creative way to get back into doing that again. Anyone of these would be really fun to model.

    But my wife suggested maybe the Rocket Man, Chef, the Vet, or the Butterfly Girl.

  10. Retro Spaceman is my favorite from this series! I love the Space theme, and I could easily see this fig in the Space Impact game from the old nokia 3310! My IG: @bricks_pt

  11. I would love to shoot the Retro Spaceman or Yuppie and write a review for you guys! To be featured on your blog would definitely be a high point in my Legophoyography ‘career’.

  12. I’d struggle to choose, but the Roman Gladiator is begging to be shot with some practical battle field effects, Igove the guy some epic, gritty realism – I’d love to get my teeth into this!

  13. Of course, I’d be happy to shoot and review any of them though. This might be my fave series since 14. Thanks for the opportunity!
    IG: @Philthylego215

  14. I for one would be very keen on shooting the Hot Dog Man. Oh the jokes swimmimg around in my head! @Darth_LEGO on Instagram.

  15. Hi, I’m Jake! I’m a photographer, and I’m somewhat new to SiP (been following for a few months now). I’m a die-hard lego and toy-photography fan, and would love the opportunity to shoot & review some of Series 17 if given the chance; My top choices, (if given the chance & it’s not too much), would be Retro spaceman, Yuppie, Connoisseur, Hotdog man, and Roman Gladiator. My Insta is @jaketeaguephoto, and my website should be attached to this comment; Thanks!

  16. Would love to have a go at this. Live near the beach so surfer is an easy choice, but also love the 80’s look of the dance instructor & yuppie. IG is legoadmiralackbar.

  17. I think I would best be able to photograph the professional surfer. We live on a peninsula & Ive taken Legos down to the water & have taken great photos of them before. I have many favorites in series 17 but feel that I would be most suited to getting pictures of the surfer. Feel free to check out my IG for previous water shots & other lego shots as well – Tinkerdell23
    This sounds like a great opportunity, thanks!

  18. I would love the opportunity to shoot the Surfer and Rocket Boy. minifigs. They would make an interesting addition to my recent bokeh shaping project and I am always happy to do a write-up.
    My IG @ActionFigureWorkout

  19. I’m ready to liftoff with rocka boy and retro spaceman! I’d like to shoot butterfly girl also. My IG is tomekskog.
    Best wishes to all AFOLS, toy photofraphers and stuckinplasticers :)

  20. This is a fantastic idea! I’d love to share some cheese with the Connoisseur or educate the Yuppie in new mobile phone technology! Although I’m worried a phone that doesn’t need a car battery to run might blow his mind!
    My IG [email protected] jrc_rose also

  21. What a fantastic opportunity! I’d love to review Corn Cob guy, Hot Dog man or/and Connosoisseur for you. The fit very well in my surroundings so I could take some great pictures of them.

    Finn (@BricksFigure IG)

  22. Awesome opportunity if i was picked I would love to review and take photos of the butterfly girl. Alternatively i would be able to take some great shots of the Elf girl in a collaborative medieval build.
    My IG is @dinosaurtales

  23. This sounds awesome, truly :) I would love to write such an article for you :) And I would love to shoot Veterinarian, Butterflies Girl, Rocket Boy, Elf Girl and French Man :) I already got some ideas about settings :D Such fun!

  24. Living in West Michigan I feel like I have good outdoor options for the battle dwarf or lady elf. There are lots of trees and swampy areas nearby. I have some Minifig pics on my Instagram @johnstevensonart.

    It would also be fun as a wild card and do the best with what I am given.

  25. Would love a chance to shoot the Retro Spaceman in the style of something like @bear__trap, and being a Classic Space fan, Rocket Boy offers some interesting possibilities, but do not be surprised if his torso ended up being part of a Sigfig!

  26. Would love the opportunity, but have never written a blog though would love the challenge ! Love the circus strong man
    My Instagram is @legobecky

  27. Seems that they all have been picked up already :). Especially retro and rocket etc. I suppose the review is limited to ~16 people. If the answer is yes, no, maybe, potentially, go away, [select the right answer] I can help and pick whichever is left and/or do the mystery guy / surfer / retro / french guy (though Ballou34 should be doing it…) / rocket. Excellent idea anyway and looking forward to read you all! Good luck for the weekend selection …

  28. I’d like to share my passion with SIP, such a great contest! I think I can take decent minifigs pictures. We still got snow left so Battle Dwarf or Highwayman would looks good. I also have this backyard with a big Fjord and it’s a perfect scenery for epic photographies. Butterfly and Elf Girl are inspiring too. Oh well, I’d shoot with all of em! Take a look at my instagram account : @bricktalife

  29. Would love to shoot pro surfer here in Betty’s Bay, Western Cape, South Africa and recon it’d be a good time to reignite my blog you can follow my adventures on instagram @Leotog and the link to my blog is in the bio…..super excited!!

  30. I’ve just seen the retro spaceman, I’ve got some great places where I can shoot him. I’d still be ok with any of them. I really hope I can do this, I’ve really been wanting to write for stuck in plastic for some time now. These all have great new accessories and printings. Thanks again for the chance! @legorunner on Instagram.

  31. I would love to shoot one in the redrock desert of Southern Utah!

    I’m thinking the Connoisseur, or the
    Retro Spaceman, or the corn cob would all do excellent in the desert!

    My Instagram is @joecow and I sure do enjoy creating characters around these cmfs!

  32. Would love to shoot the Dance Instructor, Butterfly Girl or the Yuppie. Please take a look at my Instagram photos @themousefan28.

  33. Thank You! Thank You all for the massive response and positive reactions to our very first crowd review here on SiP.

    We are making the full list of submitted entries and see who wants to shoot what and where. We will be contacting the selected reviewers by email/IG DM this weekend to get all the models on the road to their final shooting destination for the photo shoot (and the subsequent article review).

    Keep an eye on the postbox :P


  34. Ouch, this was much harder as we anticipated.
    We expected a few comments but never saw this overwhelming response coming.

    Thank You!

    You are all awesome and you already got us thinking about the next review on how we can handle this even better. For this review, we went through all the comments, made a very detailed list of who wanted to shoot what, looked at the variety of great creative photographers and had to make a selection.

    We reached out to our first selection of creative photographers and got the confirmation back and the S17 models have left the compound to their target destinations.

    If you have not heard from us, don’t feel bad.
    The response was just overwhelmingly positive and we never anticipated this.

    You got us thinking for the next one !
    We will do a longer write up in the next few days, but we already wanted to give you all a quick update.

    Talk soon and thank you all!

    Boris and the full SiP Crew

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