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Remember yesterday, in our special edition of the Daily Planet, we ended up on a cliffhanger with the Yellow Lantern leaving the journal for its parallel universe competitor, the Daily Prophet. Well wewe just happen to have a special edition of the Daily Prophet for today…

The Daily Prophet is getting live reports of an ongoing situation at Azkaban Prison. The known Death Eater and #1 Female Tyrant, Bellatrix Lestrange has staged a breakout. Or has she? We understand that the person believed to be Bellatrix, who has been in lockdown in Azkaban for 7 months now, is in fact, star Hogwarts pupil, Hermione Granger. She has been protesting her innocence ever since and was able to get messages out to the wizarding world via the window in her cell.

Thanks to our special reporter (and editor in chief) @shtacyp

Initially, when people believed the prisoner to be Bellatrix, the suspected mastermind behind the escape was the powerful evil wizard Lord Voldemort. We have since confirmed that Voldemort was spending an easy Sunday morning in his pyjamas, reading his favourite newspaper.

Thanks to our special reporter @ballou34

Our sources claim that Hermione Granger was accidentally under the influence of polyjuice potion. She made the potion herself, a simple task for such an accomplished wizard, but the potion was intended for someone else.

Thanks to our special reporter @bevvypix

In an incident in the Gryffindor common room, Neville Longbottom clumsily tripped over, splashing polyjuice potion in Hermione’s face.

Thanks to our special reporter@sophiefigs

The whole operation almost came to a standstill however, key character Moaning Myrtle got stuck in the toilet! Attempting to pass on a message to Harry Potter (who she is also in love with), Myrtle got stuck in the pipes.

Thanks to our special reporter@_me2_

In order to save her and get the rescue back on track Professor Pomona Sprout concocted a potion in her greenhouse.

Thanks to our special reporter @by_a.n.n.a

She remembered an old story from Lily Potter, about spider venom having special abilities for getting people out of tight spots. 

Thanks to our special reporter @hey.light

Following the use of Sprout’s potion, Myrtle was able to successfully pass on the message to Harry Potter – the escape plan could still go ahead!

Thanks to our special reporter @herrsm

Ginny Weasley was also a key conspirator in the breakout attempt, packing all the essential items, including owls, a flashlight, and of course, chocolate.

Thanks to our special reporter @nutelasabe

Luna Lovegood also provided assistance in the escape. Her special Lion mask was used to great effect to confuse the Dementors of Azkaban, with a spare potion to hand.

Thanks to our special reporter @iancockayne

Fred Weasley and his twin cats, Stu and Mash, provided logistical support, with a wide range of practical jokes and potions in his case from Wizard Wheezes.

Thanks to our special reporter @chrisrosephoto

Ron Weasley was ready to help Hermione’s escape by hanging out in Diagon Alley. With all the delays in the schedule, Ron thought it would be best to use his time sampling a new brew of Butter Beer. Unfortunately, he left his wand in the pub and was useless in the operation.

Thanks to our special reporter @gehrkesven

A strange old man was spotted in the Forbidden Forest. He strangely looks like Albus Dumbledore. Our investigators suspect that it’s a death eater who failed to mix his polyjuice potion. Maybe he also mixed in the hair of an Elf? We are still trying to figure out how he put his hands on Dumbledore’s famous parrot phoenix Fawkes

Thanks to our special reporter @maelickinthenorth

It was only a matter of time before someone alerted the authorities about this escape operation. In typical fashion, Gringotts employee Griphook sent fire-message to The Ministry of Magic, as if they wouldn’t already know that someone was escaping from Azkaban…

Thanks to our special reporter @smallthingsphotos

What does Kingsley Shacklebolt, an employee of our Ministry of Magic, do at the top of a huge mountain? Working on a potion to save us from the evil Bellatrix? Or does it look more like a bottle of wine? Let’s hope our future is in good hands! I’m not sure he got the message from Griphook though…

Thanks to our special reporter @eatmybones

This little review of the new Harry Potter LEGO Collectible Minifigures was a collaboration between 15 different toy photographers during #SiPgoesVirtual2020, our weekend-long virtual meetup that is about to end at the moment of writing this.

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