Woody and Jessie are taking their objectives seriously this year.

When we launched the first word reflections and made the connection with objectives, an image of Woody doing something with optic glass entered my mind. Words do that to me, they make me jump from one word to the other on to a different meaning and then sometimes there is that one image, linked to a word. An association made, an image that must be shot. I am sure that some of you will recognize the feeling.

I made a first attempt last weekend when out and about in the wild, but came home with a completely different image of Woody and Jessie. Not the objectives I had in mind. A mission incomplete. A challenge unfinished.

So I jumped into the studio and forced myself to shoot the image of Woody and his objectives.

A simple image. Yet it tells a little story beyond that silly word game of Woody focusing on his objective.

I wanted to include my absolute favourite glass for shooting plastic.
My trusted prime 105mm (if you are into the wobbly gook geekish details here is the link to dpreview and ken rockwell, I can warmly recommend it if you are a Nikon shooter). A prime that serves me well. A prime that has the scars, the gaffer tape and the blu-tac marks to  show off its seniority. An objective that deserved his place in the spotlights.  And that left me with a challenge.

How to shoot an image when the actual working gear to shoot that image is in the picture ?

I needed a different lens. I settled first on my classic 50mm (I keep on carry it around with me on all my travels because it is “a classic” but almost never use it) and was happily surprised to see that I could frame and focus like I wanted. Normally when shooting plastic, my 50mm is more of death weight as it is not a macro and I cannot get close enough to focus meaningful on the wonderful world of  4cm tall LEGO figures. Yet, the world of Woody  seems to be a perfect place for my 50mm. Expect to see some more 50mm shots.

And so here we are.

A little idea for an image triggered by a silly word association made me explore different “objectives” and is helping me to achieve at least one of the other “objectives” I wrote on my sticky notes. But more on that later …

Taking objectives seriously …

Playing word association games and turning some of them into little images is something we will continue to do during our creative journey here in seventeen and we will tag them as little interludes for all of us to enjoy.

What image would you create when you get the words reflections and  objectives ?

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Stefan/ @herrsm
7 years ago

I do have a tendency to re-name everyday items that surround me.
For instance my car is “Henry”. My wife’s car is called “Miss Smilla”(don’t ask). Following this logic (obsession?) I’m guessing my future camera objectives will be named “Woodylens” or “Legoglass” instead of 100mm or 50mm. Any suggestions for a wide angle macro?

7 years ago

I am also looking for a wide macro. Have Canon 100mm (luv it) but want a wide lens aswell. But want to be able to get close (macro) aswell.

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