Some SiP Statistics

Twenty Seventeen is fast approaching and what better time and place to share some SiP statistics and do some good old housekeeping before we dive into the new year full of great unknowns and plastic adventures alike …

While we officially still have a few days and one or two posts to go, the numbers are pretty much accurate for the whole of twenty sixteen. We have eight-hundred nineteen (819) posts published since our very first post almost three years ago. Two hundred seventy posts (270) saw the light this year, and continue our yearly average of five posts a week or twenty plus a month. This year posting rhythm would not have been possible without the continued dedication of two members of our little collective.  Shelly reaches one third of all posts published this year (92 to be exact). Brett (our youngest member of the inner circle of SiP) has delivered a weekly post every Tuesday since May 2016 and reaches a good thirty five posts this year.

Yours truly had a less impressive year here on SiP with only thirty posts on my active record and ranking third on the list of individual poster statistics (I hear a new years resolution coming up).  The true third poster on the list and without doubt the number one collective contributor is you. We had this year over sixty guest posts from forty awesome creatives around the globe turning our little blog into a true creative collective of toy photographers from all over the world, passionate about their toys. From young creatives who are just (re)discovering their love for toys to seasoned veterans in the plastic trade.

[clickToTweet tweet=”270 posts or 235K visits and more than 1.4M page views in twenty sixteen #stuckinplastic” quote=”270 posts or 235K visits and more than 1.4M (that is correct, one point four million) page views by humans* in twenty sixteen.” theme=”style6″]

In average we have around 8K unique visitors per month and a good 4000 page views per day, and that is just the average. We did had a few posts that got more views than others, and here is the top five of 2016 that got the most individual hits.

The Star Wars Contest was the number one  followed closely by  the  our very first contest together with Bricks Culture telling us through raw numbers you would like to get more of these challenges in 2017.

The number three did dip into fair use policies and number four got deep into social media engagements and the tweaks of algorithms we saw this year happening all over the place.

And number five was a smaller post on #60134 (you remember that one ?)

Kristina most viewed post was all about the creative challenge of trying to copy ones work and Vesa gave us an exclusive insight in the thought process of some of his work of the book  small scenes from a big galaxy.

Mike number one post this year was all about a little orange car he took for a spin, but I must admit I liked his go wide lens review more.

Off-course these numbers are all just numbers in the bigger data pool of statistics collected during the year and we could have sorted them by most social shares (one, two and three ) or by most engagement in the comments (remember this one ) and it would have given a slightly different take on our posts in twenty sixteen. The one thing that would not have changed is the awesome photography and creative stories you would have been greeted with from all our contributing creatives around the world. Stories that show the unique friendships that have grown out of our community and continues to bring toy photographers around the globe together. Digital and in real life.

Twenty sixteen confirmed our “user” base, we slowly but steadily grew (together with you), and so did your engagement on the site. We got a few outages in the autumn  because of bad bots and hungry plugins alike, and we continue to work hard to get you the best experience (fast and secure, we are 100% SSL now) with great creative challenges and beautiful images.

We say goodbye to the old dark look that has served us well for the last three years and welcome the new year with a new and fresh white look to get things rolling in twenty seventeen.

It is time to shoot a new SiP image for 2017 – Special thanks to Mike for this one.


We are still ironing out some of the details, so if something is not working as expected, you can use the comments below to share your feedback.


(*) All statistics here are generated by awstats and exclude bots and spider traffic. Our favorite bot (not included in the above numbers) continous to be the Googlebot but we have to admit we got a few hits this autumn by less friendly bots putting our little server under duress.

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7 years ago

Congratulations, those are awesome numbers! It’s testament to all the great work you guys do.

Here’s to an even bigger and better twenty seventeen!

7 years ago

Impressive numbers to me- congratulations to Shelly and Boris, Brett, Vesa and Mike!
And thank you for reminding us of some older posts of 2016. Yesterday I left the safe paths of my camera´s automatic modes. Can I please have another fortnight off of work to get some basic ideas of that terrain..?
But let´s not talk tech here. Let us instead seize the remaining days until two o seventeen kicks off!
My name is Stefan and I´m somewhere stuck in plastic.

7 years ago

Congratulations for this awesome numbers and for the new theme :)

7 years ago

I do love a good look at statistics. Thanks for sharing. :)

The new theme feels really nice and fresh too! Congrats!

Jennifer Nichole Wells

Congratulations on these great stats. Well deserved.

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