Second Try


Half a year ago we started a little experiment and introduced a new tag on Instagram so you could submit your work for a friendly peer review and only a week later our very first peer critique was up, featuring @Ballou34 with an awesome shot of Wall.E.

A tradition was born. Kind of … not.

A great idea

We liked the idea.
All of us enjoyed that very first discussion.
We knew we wanted to do more, but life got in the way, and other priorities took over, our focus was elsewhere …

Wall.E by Ballou34
Wall.E by Ballou34 – Our very first reviewed work of art. A beauty !

Then Mike shared his thoughts on the opportunity of failing and his post resonated with quite a few of you and we actually got all excited again.  So here we are. Six months later, picking up where we have left.  Catching up with our friendly peer review (critique may sounds a little to harsh).

The Plan

Here is it how (we think) it (will) works:

  1. You tag the image you would like to be reviewed to #stuckinplastic_pcm (pcm stands for please critique me). Please do not flood the tag with all your pictures. Only select the image(s) you feel we should select for a review aka friendly critique. Your best work.
  2. Each @stuckinplastic crew member will select one (or more) works for our monthly review session. He or she will act as your patron by presenting your work to the group. We may contact you to get a higher resolution image for the session.  And maybe get some more background from you prior to the session. We are working on an alternative so you can submit your works here directly, but for now, we get started with good old IG.
  3. Being selected means that your patron believes in your work and sees it as worthy of “critiquing” it in a very positive way. Through this critique aka review aka decomposition process,  we will all learn from looking closely at the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of each others work.
  4. We will incorporate the critique in one of our regular hangouts and will explore the works selected from all angles, not only the technical qualities but also the inner monologue of the image.
  5. We will share the feedback of the review session here on the blog. Featuring the chosen works in their full glory.

Our very first critique aka friendly review session is just around the corner, so don’t be afraid and tag your best work to #stuckinplastic_pcm so we can all begin – again – this journey of learning from each other. I will for sure tag mine …


Taking plastic places.
Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into untold stories for generations to come.
100% Stuck In Plastic.

7 Replies to “Second Try”

  1. Yau! I’m so happy you’ve decided to start this up again! I found the first one really interesting and I was disappointed that there weren’t anymore (although I of course understand how other things get in the way). I’ll definitely be tagging some of my pics and I’d love to hear your critiques, but I’ll be watching out keenly for whatever shots you decide to feature!

  2. What do you say, Julien. Shall we start this one up again.
    A new beginning ?
    It magically appeared in the What is Hot quadrant after we talked about it offline. It must be a sign :)

    1. Got no idea about the “WhatIsHot” thingy you mentioned here but: a sign is a sign and must not be ignored! Recucitate in three, two, ..

      1. At the top right corner of every page you have an ever changing grid called hot just now. It is our sip.artificial intelligence that calculates what people are looking at and what it thinks is worthwhile putting up in the what is hot corner :)

        Yes, yes, we do have a little running around here :)

        1. Scary stuff. Thought I was only in it for snapping pics o’plastic and now there’s this AI super thingy coming up from out of nowhere As if the future was here already.

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