Running Errands

Today is one of those days.

Running errands with Big Inc., talking about creative projects in the near and distant future, working on top secret Stuck In Plastic projects and preparing for some serious remodelling in The Studio ahead, and hundreds of images in the queue screaming to be processed. It is one of those days. I even tried to call good old Calle to get some advice, but he was out and about running errands as well.

Anyway, we have a beautiful little new tag for you.
It is a little bit of a secret tag.
A tag you can use if you want one of your images reviewed by the Stuck In Plastic Crew.
Some of you have been asking to get some advice, some friendly peer review, and even some tips. We don’t really know yet how this will play out, but we will discuss them in one of our regular hangouts and see how we can turn these friendly peer critiques into something we can all learn from.

So, if you have a good work you want to have reviewed by us, just tag it on IG with the kind of secret tag #stuckinplastic_pcm where pcm stands for please critique me).

Looking forward to the first taggers …


Calle is running errands as well ...
Calle is running errands as well …

Taking plastic places.
Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into untold stories for generations to come.
100% Stuck In Plastic.

5 Replies to “Running Errands”

  1. What a great idea! Maybe one day you can assemble some of your advice and critiques in a book for young photographers who want to take photos of toys. And if no one signs up to be critiqued, I can be the rookie photographer whose missteps serve to teach others.

  2. Great idea! Talking about rules of engagement and how colours do work on our brains already gave me an idea on what to improve. Still there may be certain shots that could use a little friendly critique ;-)

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