Now They’re Out There

Mission Accomplished

On the 25th of March, we innocently asked on Instagram, who’d be interested in reviewing some of the new collectible minifigures from series 20 for us. Some of you replied. Onehundredandsixtythree of you to be precise. We went through all the volunteers and discussed to and fro. In the end, we chose to send some surprise envelopes to fourteen of you. Some of these fourteen we knew before. Of some, we had only heard. And some were complete strangers to us but we still reached out, when after all you all got back to us.

On the fourth of April, we put the first review online. Twenty-six more posts followed. When we first asked you on IG, we seriously hadn’t thought that the interest in this new series would be THAT strong. Wow. We do want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our crowd reviewers! You people rock! We were simply blown away by incredible pictures and wonderful ones. We impatiently followed some massive stories and fell in love with minifigures as you kept portraying them.

Meanwhile, the minifigs are available at your favorite local toystore or from the LEGO online shop.

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Inside A Fish Tank

We met Daniel @stories_in_bricks before, when he took us to a medievel tournament to meet the Knight. Today he’ll share with us his adventures with and inside a fish tank.

The Natural Habitat

As soon as I saw the diver girl and the sea turtle, I had the idea to photograph them in their “natural environment” – under water. I could already see the image with my spiritual eye- but no fish tank. So I asked good friends of mine, whether I could use their aquarium and they agreed.

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Ten Years Of Collectible Minifigures

Meet Carl

Carl is the one who was chosen by our innocent lucky hand, to receive a full series of the upcoming of CMF20. His mission is to portrait and to review them for us. Here´s a first batch of five new citizens of the LEGO universe.

Hip Hop Girl

I have a big collection of minifigures from different ranges, but a new Collectable series is always a highlight for me. Not just because of all the new elements they add, but the great thought and detailing the design teams at LEGO put onto every single figure. 

The hip hop girl is a great example of a great print design, a lovely headpiece and a cool overall look. In order to capture the personality of the character, I wanted to use an urban setting. I’ve already used this brick wall for a few projects. It’s always an interesting backdrop.

She´s got street credibility

Green Brick Suit Guy

The 3rd one of these that LEGO have made and a nice way to mark 10 years of Collectable Minifigures. It’s admittedly not the most interesting figure, but they always make likeable happy faces and are a nice nod to the classic LEGO brick.

The rainbow concept came from an idea that has become popular in the UK during the lockdown: children are putting rainbows in their windows for other children to see when they are getting some outdoor time. I printed this to go in our window for others to see.

Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! 10 Years of Collectible Minifigures!
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