Now They’re Out There

Mission Accomplished

On the 25th of March, we innocently asked on Instagram, who’d be interested in reviewing some of the new collectible minifigures from series 20 for us. Some of you replied. Onehundredandsixtythree of you to be precise. We went through all the volunteers and discussed to and fro. In the end, we chose to send some surprise envelopes to fourteen of you. Some of these fourteen we knew before. Of some, we had only heard. And some were complete strangers to us but we still reached out, when after all you all got back to us.

On the fourth of April, we put the first review online. Twenty-six more posts followed. When we first asked you on IG, we seriously hadn’t thought that the interest in this new series would be THAT strong. Wow. We do want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our crowd reviewers! You people rock! We were simply blown away by incredible pictures and wonderful ones. We impatiently followed some massive stories and fell in love with minifigures as you kept portraying them.

Meanwhile, the minifigs are available at your favorite local toystore or from the LEGO online shop.

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A Good Night’s Sleep

Hello Again Bert

Here’s another review of the #CMF20 series of new LEGO minifigures. This time it´s a rather sinister one from @brickmione. We’re hoping to find some sleep after it. (Then again, we’ll probably be dreaming of the new minifigs and that’s only possible when we’re asleep.) But here’s Bert for you:


The little PJ girl wants to stay with her parents because she has had several nightmares. She’s now telling all her bad dreams so that they would allow her to sleepover.

Ghosts keep coming back
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Going Back In Time

Meet Marcos

In this blog post Marcos gets to meet four of the latest minifigures. They all are special and dear to him. This is the story of how he connects with them:


If I could summarize my feeling for the four minifigs from the CMF20 series I got so far in one word, it would be Nostalgia. Maybe it’s just me, but the four of them bring back some sweet memories from a long-gone time, that was full of fun and with a very different view at life.

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