A Good Night’s Sleep

Hello Again Bert

Here’s another review of the #CMF20 series of new LEGO minifigures. This time it´s a rather sinister one from @brickmione. We’re hoping to find some sleep after it. (Then again, we’ll probably be dreaming of the new minifigs and that’s only possible when we’re asleep.) But here’s Bert for you:


The little PJ girl wants to stay with her parents because she has had several nightmares. She’s now telling all her bad dreams so that they would allow her to sleepover.

Ghosts keep coming back

Daddy can I stay with you

Because I cannot sleep

I had some strange and scary dreams

They frightened me so deep

For now I’m still about to yell

I know it can’t be real

But don’t you laugh when I will tell

They’re staring, that I feel

Why did the egg..?

Oh I was floating on a boat 

Alone and on a lake

How hard I tried to reach the shore

It kept drifting away

A giant egg was next to me

I heard a cracking sound

The egg was hatching, could it be

A monster coming ’round!

Then something grabbed me from the boat

I barely could hang on

Next I was placed upon a board

As live-sized board game pawn

Playing and playing

I had to play, I had to walk

And giant dice were tossed

I could not breathe I could not talk

And even worse, we lost!

So daddy please, I will behave

I’ll stay with you and then

You hold me close and keep me safe

So I can sleep again.

Uh, Scary… But Now: The PJ Girl

I’m a big fan of the rabbit. The blonde Hermione hair is a nice addition to the collection. I would have liked to see the short bendable legs more often, but it’s not the case with this girl. The rabbit print on the pj is just adorable.

BTS: The magic of a light in the dark

Thanks and good night, Bert

Thank You, Bert

Thanks Bert, after such a scary story we’ll have to see about the good night. Yet at the same time, we were fascinated by the originality of the girl’s dreams.

Have you had strange dreams or nightmares as well? Do you want to share them with us so they will lose their fearful powers?

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all their amazing posts, just follow this link.

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