Two Sides Of A Viking

@stories_in_bricks At It Again

Today Daniel shares with us his vision of the new #CMF20 viking.

The Viking, Part One

I had two ideas for the Viking.

Dinner is almost ready

The first one was some sort of campfire scene. I tried it on the banks of a river with a small fake fire (and some fish on it).

Going down low

I also wanted to try it with real fire. So at home I built a little diorama to have better control of the surroundings. For the fire I cut some matchsticks, added a wick in the middle and lit it. It took a couple of attempts to get some good results.

Shine a light
A beach, home style
Burn, baby, burn

The Viking, Part Two

The other idea was to show a fighting Viking (or one that was just preparing for a battle).

Hello England

For this scene I built a little Viking boat – or at least something that looked like one – for the Viking to ride on and into jump into battle from.

Or is it America?

Like the pirate and the knight, the Viking is a great addition to the adventure/fantasy/history staff of my collection. The helmet, shield and spear are really well made and the print on the front is great. I’m not sure why there is a printed cape on the back when a real one comes with the figure, but this just makes it even more versatile.

Thank You, Daniel

Thank you for yet more images of a new figure!

And if YOU want to pick up Daniel’s idea and light a fire at home, please make sure to take some extra care and have some water for fire extinguishing close at hand.

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all their amazing posts, just follow this link.

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4 years ago

I love the picture with the real fire, so nice. And you diorama is pretty cool, I’m impressed :)

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