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Meet Marcos

In this blog post Marcos gets to meet four of the latest minifigures. They all are special and dear to him. This is the story of how he connects with them:


If I could summarize my feeling for the four minifigs from the CMF20 series I got so far in one word, it would be Nostalgia. Maybe it’s just me, but the four of them bring back some sweet memories from a long-gone time, that was full of fun and with a very different view at life.

Three of them reminded me of icons of pop culture, while the last one resembles a daily routine from my own days of old.

The Red Ranger


Go! Go! Almighty Metamorphing Ninja Vigilante! If only this red guy would have some
alternative coloured friends, they could kick some ass! Just imagine!

The Red Ranger is such a great icon of those years. It brings some fun memories by itself.
Still, I wish it would have come with a partner of a different color to make a small set. I cannot wait for the next series to bring the others. I like how simple yet very well printed the design is. And the helmet is awesome, too!

The Raven Knight

The strongest and most courageous of them all

There are great knights, but nothing compares to the Mighty Champion of the Order of the
Raven. Every five years, the strongest and most courageous member of the order would
become its champion and face the evil enemies of The Citadel. Terrible monsters crawling
from the Dark Cavern are the foes of the champion, and many have let the new one come
before five years after The Oath.

He knows no fear
Fighting evil everywhere

That is just one of the infinite stories that could be told about this knight. The lonely hero that lived in so many epic stories, only to fail and wander around as a walking memory. The knight that meets a group of friends and finds a reason to keep being a hero after such a long time.

Castles, horses, princesses and dices it is!

He has got a very simple print on him, but enough to let the imagination fill up the rest. I particularly loved the sword piece very much. And the face, too, that will remain a surprise until after this post.

The Nunchuck Fighter

Lessons at the dojo

Ted had no interest in conflicts at all. He would always run and hide from problems. That was until he met Master Zen from the Lee Dojo… where he learned the art of Nunchuck!

Lets just say this kid Ted knows his karate. A dream for many of us as children, with loads
of inspiration coming from TV, movies and videogames. If there was a way to leave the
problems behind, that was by following the ways of a dojo and by passing the weirdest trials until becoming a martial arts champion.

I love the little detail of the name of the dojo printed in the chest, and same logo in the headband. It just brings the pieces together to give this minifig personality. It might not be
the most original in the series, but it will be the favourite of many kids who are learning Judo, Karate and other martial arts.

The PJ Girl

Time to hit the pillows

“Come on, little sister, I know you do not feel sleepy but it is quite late, you should go to
bed.” This phrase would always lead to a fiery pillow fight…

Or to fighting with pillows

Being the sleepy guy one of my ever favourite minifigs, the girl in pyjamas quickly became one of my favourite of this 20th series. The print of the torso with the little bunnies is really cute. It would have been great if she had a double face showing a more sleepy expression to play along with sleepy guy. LEGO, could we get a couple more to build a complete family?

I am really excited about this new series. And I can´t wait to get the rest of the bunch!

To read more stories and see what happens with the rest of the series among other minifigs, don´t forget to visit @lots_of_legs .

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all their amazing posts, just follow this link.

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