Celebrating On

Yes, we just can’t seem to be getting enough of the latest series of minifigures. The one that celebrates Ten Years of Collectible Minifigures.
We happily refilled our glasses, just in time to be raising them again as Carl shows us the next images of his. So, here’s to…


Hi, It’s Carl here for ’round 2′ and another set of the wonderful new Series 20 Collectable Minifigures.

The Viking

The Viking- wherever he may roam

The brilliant helmet, beard and shield are the highlights of this minifig but they’ve done a great job to mix a little menace in with a charming design. This guy looks right at home marching across the misty north of England (Sweden, France,… any misty place will do) looking for villages to raid!

The Pyjama Girl

This little blond girl is very cute with her lovely teddy bunny.
Her cosy pyjamas are perfect for a chilly night camping with her parents under the stars.

A little girl with her teddy bunny bear rabbit

I had to add an LED lamp into the tent to get the lighting, and change the background in the edit. Otherwise a fairly simple shot using a tent from the summer minifigure set from a couple of years ago.

The Tournament Knight

In the name of the Raven

I love a knight in the mist and this guy even found a vintage castle to use as a backdrop! The helmet has been used for a similar collectable figure before but the new body print is really nice and the sword is just brilliant. I’ve been looking for something like this for some other projects, so this will come in very useful.

The Drone Boy

Let’s fly away

This kid is happy trying out his new drone at the local park. I experimented with a slightly vintage look here despite the modern tech and had to do some complex photoshop work to ‘float’ the drone and add some movement blur. Now it captures the best features of the minifig design and the cleverly made drone model, an unusually complex part for a blister pack.

On a side note:
Here´s a stunning view of the Archipelago, taken by another enthusiastic drone pilot living on a small Swedish island. Don’t tell him I sneaked it in.

Llama Costume Girl

Carrot-carrying animal

Not one of the stronger pieces of this series, the headpiece is nicely designed and its a nice figure overall but not much to report about the print design, and the carrot has been used before. I decided to go simple and shoot this in a typical native setting, enjoying the great outdoors.

End Of Round Two

Thanks, Carl, for your thoughts about and views at the new minifigures in the LEGO universe.

Don´t forget to check back for the last round of Carl´s pics here on our blog within the next days.

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all their amazing posts, just follow this link.

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1 month ago

Stefan, I recognize that one :)

Carl, amazing images. Really. They are AWESOME.

Carl Pullen
1 month ago
Reply to  Boris

Thank you :)

25 days ago

Great pictures! And I really like the fake grass, where did you get it? :) And the fog is awesome! Any BTS? :)