The Winter Village Station

Second Advent.
The second Sunday in the period of advent. A week closer to the return of the light. Only two more weeks until the turning of the solstice.
Another grey and rainy day here in the Stockholm Archipelago.
A day of some LEGO building and exploring some photographic skills with LEGO Winter Village Station. A story that continues where the Winter Village Fire Station ended last week. The sequel so to say.

A set listening to number 10259

The Winter Village Train Station is still available in the LEGO shop and retails today for 70 EUR give and take. The set is maybe not the most inspiring one in the whole Winter Village series but it is connecting the tracks in our ever developing story… and provides for a good latte or should I say a Santa’s Eggnog or a Ho Ho Cocoa …

Ho Ho, let the story begin.

900 plus pieces, including two trees brings us to the snowy winter landscape where our story from last week continues. 

The story is about to start

A story of long travels through the barren landscape in a warm and cozy bus. Bus 318 to be exact. A pretty cool bus from the outside. I am not convinced the inside inspires me that much, but it is good enugh to take us to the next level of our story. 

Bus 318 getting ready for the story …

When suddenly…

A railroad crossing shows up out of nowhere. In the middle of the white snow.

The crossing and the bus are two distinct elements of this set. Is this where our firemen were called to in the middle of the night (see previous week). Or is this just another cliffhanger in out little build?
Time will tell. 
I really did not like the stickers on the railroad crossing and given that this is such a common utility piece, it should really be printed.
It looks good from far, but the close-ups are far from good.
Ho Ho Ho, this set is packed with stickers…

On the other side of the stickers snow

Two new figures show up. 

Two new figures show up. Each holds their own sign. And yes, both signs are stickers, but actually here they do work better. 

And they do not just come with stickers, but with a true Winter Village train station. 

Holding a post box, a ticket office, a coffee shop with a news stand and a magic clock or two. There is of course more in the box and I will come back to the magically “microphone” Amsterdammertjes (sorry Dutch only, more to come). Stay tuned. 

Guess what …

Ho Ho Ho. Our friends from the previous set 10263 are coming to the rescue. While train conductor B. is putting the ticket sign up, our firefighting friends show up in their classic fire truck.  The late-night telephone call to the Winter Village Fire Station from last week Sunday must have been related …

Yep, getting ready …

So we find driver engineer Joan high up on the ladder putting up the Winter Village sign while C. is enjoying one of this special Ho Ho Ho Eggnog’s. Is there some romance in the air?

Wait but why …

Wait but why. Another blog in a completly different dimension we warmly recommend.

Why is our conductor B. waiving with a ticket? 
Why is the railroad crossing closed? 
Is there more to come? 
Why is the clock 20 minutes to twelve?
And what is so special about ticket 0937?
Time will tell.
In this developing story.
Stay tuned, for more breaking news … 

The missing ticket

The missing ticket

Most probably my absolute favorite piece of this set is the printed ticket tile of mystery ticket 0937. I am sure it will play an important role in the next chapter of this little adventure.
Or not.
But it is really a beautiful piece. 

Stay tuned for the next development in this breaking story.

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4 years ago

“The set is maybe not the most inspiring one in the whole Winter Village series”
I must be crazy because I love this set, and find it way more interesting than the new fire station :D

4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Maybe it’s because the train station reminds me of old buildings here in Northern Finland while the fire station doesn’t ;-)

4 years ago

Train station, fire department- they’re both christmassy as they are both snow covered and that’s what counts for me. And always smile when the sticker topic comes back. Meanwhile I’d like my share of Santa’s eggnogg…cheers.

4 years ago

This set is nice… I wish I had the whole Winter Village, that would be so awesome :) Now a question, don’t take it the wrong way, I’m just wondering. Why are you always saying that you will do/talk something later? Just do it right away or do it later, you don’t have to always say that more on that later. You don’t have to “clickbait” the reader to continue reading. It’s a bit annoying, because it’s (I think) in every one of your posts. Sometimes more than once. Half of this post is just about staying tuned and more… Read more »

4 years ago

The ticket is like the golden ticket of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, full of promise, I love this set :)

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