The Fourth

The fourth advent.
Three has gone by.
Next is the turning of the light. The winter solstice.
Officially the longest night of 2018 was last Friday, but to keep things simple we like to celebrate it together with Christmas, celebrated by many people all around the world. And the winter solstice in the Roman calendar.
So today is the fourth advent.
The last Sunday in preparation. And also for us, it was preparation.

Remember last week?

We ended with a cliffhanger.
The Winter Holiday Train 10254 reached the Winter Village Train Station 10259. However, the mystery ticket 0937 did not reveal its mystery.
Maybe it will today. Maybe. Do read on if you are into Christmassy Cliffhangers just like us.
It is after all the fourth advent.

Last week the train got connected.
Yet ticket 0937 still a mystery.

Back to the beginning.

So, connecting the dots. That is what the fourth is all about. We got a winter train, a winter train station and even a winter village fire station, but the story would not be complete without some serious tracks.
Not the music ones, but the ones from set 60198 which The LEGO Group kindly provided on the last RLFM days (yes, a review of that set is coming soon).

We got the tracks out.

Getting some prep work done. These are tracks from the 60198 set combined with the crossing of 10259.
And the trees. Not included in such amounts in any of the sets. I got those here in the Nordics. We have lots of trees.
Winter Village Train Station set 10259 connected. The railway crossroad also belongs to this set.
And then it is time to bring in the fire station 10263
Before we bring in the Santa Claus Workshop 10245 (retired)
And the winter village train set.
Adding the Buss 318. And loosing continuity in the studio when I moved the background panel to shoot some video.

Dry Run

OK, we got the dry run complete. And we managed to automate the Winter Village train with the engine from Cargo Set 60198.

We did a dry run to see if everything works, and as you can see the train is running smooth. Even the Xmas tree is moving.

A quick behind the scene, and yes it is automated.

Time to get serious.

The Xmas tree.
The Crew (from 60198) getting ready.
Yep. Tracks are being put in place …
Now that bucket may be a tad to heavy …
So getting in the big gear.
Making Space …
So we can continue …
The Tracks
And the buildings …
Time to dim the lights … and get the train on the tracks.
Driving all the way … (yep, long exposure shot, the white line is the train)
And getting the packages under the Xmas tree …

And so the story continues …

Now that the train and the tracks and the winter village are in place under the Xmas tree it is time to pick up our story.
So what happened to the mystery ticket?
And what has Rudolf and Santa got to do with this little story?

A happy ending ?!?

Well, as you can see Santa made it all the way to the train (special thanks to Rudolf, the red nosed reindeer. And our friendly train conductor of train 10254 gives the mystery ticket 0937 to Santa who can now safely deliver all the packages on Xmas eve.

One more image.

There is one final image coming on Xmas day to wrap up the story.
I have to admit I don’t know what it will be.
Time will tell.
Yet the story continues.
And here is some background on this crazy little adventure.
I have had an automated LEGO Xmas train under our Xmas tree for the last few years. I automated The Lone Ranger 79111 Train as it had that classic train look I really like.
And I can really recommend getting a LEGO train under your Xmas tree if you don’t have one yet.  
If you have one, do share a picture below in the comments.
Really do. I love trains.
And Xmas trees.
First I was planning to get the Harry Potter LEGO train under our Xmas tree (bought and build), but then I walked into the LEGO store here in Stockholm mid November and I saw the winter village train, station and the winter village fire station all sitting on the shelves next to each other and I knew I had to make a story out of it.

TLG (that is those nice folks over at The LEGO Group) kicked in a few sets to make this story come true, so this counts as the official RLFM disclaimer we do get sets once in a while from TLG and they happily provided 10254, 10259 and 60198, while 7911 and 10245 were happily bought by yours truly.

So, do you run a LEGO train under your Christmas tree?

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4 years ago

Such a happy ending indeed! So happy the conductor saved ticket 0937 for Santa on the freight/Christmas train. Merry Christmas everyone. Everyone and everywhere!

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