Approaching Xmas

It’s cold outside

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Temperatures are dropping (at least in the northern hemisphere), most city centres are illuminated opulently and Santa and his elves are busy preparing everything to be ready in time.

Cards are arriving

While I’m also still preparing, feeling like one of Santa’s little helpers, the first cards from our Xmas Card Exchange arrived in my post box. These early birds are giving me bad feelings of being late. Fortunately there’s still time to be in time. Today I ordered my cards and envelopes. Stamps are waiting to be attached. The pen is ready to be put to use.

All that’s left

Right now I’m waiting for my cards to return from the printer. This is the time to enjoy some Spekulatius and a cup of Glögg. And it’s also a time to remember the soon ending year, the people we’ve met and the places we went to.

Traditional cookies and glögg  milk

Are you also almost done with preparations? Or are you yet to start? How do you spend your time before the feast? And most importantly: When are you reading your Christmas cards? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for being awesome and hoping to read from you soon.

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My cards are ordered.
If all goes well they will arrive next week on Tuesday …
Fingers crossed.


PS, @herrk that Speculaas image is just …. gorgeous.


I’m currently looking for pretty envelopes and I don’t find what I want (too big or too small!). I will give another try tomorrow, if I don’t find what I’m looking for my postcards will be post naked haha!
I love days before Christmas, I’m sooooo excited! But late as always! I love to bake swedish christmas cookies and eat a LOT of chocolates!


Aah. I just bought the envelopes together with the cards. Not as cool or vintage, but just practical to get the cards out :)

We should do a Swedish cookies post in the forums :) 

Maëlick (aka Reiterlied)

Mailed my postcards yesterday… It was more work than I expected to write 40+ postcards and addresses.


I got mail today.
The Moo Cards arrived. 
Now it’s time to get the ink out and start writing the envelopes.