Looking back in the past

Today I was looking at my pictures from our latest toy safari in Paris wondering: “What can I write on the blog? Do I already have the white page syndrome?!”.

And I came across this picture, taken near the Louvre, on the « Colonnes de Buren », from the famous French artist Daniel Buren.

The composition is simple, and it hits me quickly that I have already created an image with the same composition. I often do it with my skeletons. For example, when I don’t have ideas or when I want to take a quick picture (and not spending half an hour to make Edgar stand up!).

The old version

I went through my personal archives and immediately found the picture I was looking for.

Back in June 2016, we were visiting some very old ruins of a Roman villa. I went there with my brand-new camera and my yet (almost) never-used skeletons. At this moment, I couldn’t imagine that toy photography would take so much space in my life, that I would start blogging about it and that I would eventually join Stuck in Plastic.

Back then, I didn’t know that we (read toy photographers) were so many! I didn’t know that I was NOT alone (dramatic tone)!

The path on which we’re walking

It’s a sentimental picture for me for several reasons:

  • It was my first major photo session done on purpose with my skeletons;
  • It was the first real blog post I wrote (the first introductory post doesn’t count) when I started my own blog two months later;
  • I immediately liked this picture, mainly because of the interaction between the dog and Edgar.

Looking at these two pictures, I can see all the mistakes I made with the first one. The horizon line is falling on the left AND is in the middle of the picture. The skeletons are too smalls. I should have laid down on the floor to take the picture.

A quick improvement over the old picture

But, I can also see the progress I made since then, because I’ve learned little by little the mistakes I should avoid. So, looking at both pictures I can see the path I’ve walked. It makes me a little bit more confident for the future, knowing that I’ve still so much to learn.

A coincidence?

Although the main subject is always Edgar and his dog, the first picture is about archeology, the second about art. Funny to see that there’s a cultural subject on both pictures.

Last thing I want to point about these two pictures: the first one was shot on the 18th of June 2016.
The new one was shot on the 15th of June 2018! 2 years minus 3 littles days between them. So funny!

I think it’s a nice coincidence! Say what you want, but it’s small things like these that makes me happy!

Guess we need to schedule a rendezvous in two years (minus 3 days?) with a new picture of Edgar and his dog and new improvements!

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5 years ago

It’s always interesting seeing how the same composition can be reused multiple times to tell a different story (or not). It also happened to me with some characters that seem to inspire me subconsciously the same kind of composition. I’m still trying to figure out though if these similar photos tell the same story or not.

5 years ago

Aye. I agree that some compositions come naturally to a photographer. I think it is part of the visual language. The style we adapt. A little bit like the natural language we use. And I agree we further perfection it. Learn and improve. Now, it never stroke me as obvious, so I will have to take a deep dive and see if there are some compositions (besides portraits) that are natural to me.

Interesting discovery :)

5 years ago
Reply to  Karine

To many. I guess I have the risk of getting lost :)

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