Meet Jana

It’s Friday again and we’ve got another #SiPgoes52 Feature Friday. This week, it’s Jana Skálová who joins us for an interview around a virtual cup of ginger tea.

About Jana

I’m a software tester currently living in Brno, Czechia, where I hope to organize a toy safari one day. There are historical buildings, hills with nice views, forests, and an old quarry with ponds… Lots of different environments for toy photos. Sadly, I have to say that I never used any of them yet, because I’m so shy when taking toy photos in public. (I’m hoping that organizing a toy safari here would help to overcome that.)

Jana’s toy photography debuts

I always loved photography. I started first with more documentary approach, documenting parties, birthdays, trips. Then I tried to photograph nature, landscapes, but I still didn’t feel like that was it. I didn’t feel good enough, my camera was not good enough, photos didn’t look good enough… I think it was about 3-4 years ago that I discovered Avanaut, Samsofy, and Balakov and fell in love with toys again. My own photos were coming very slowly. I tried to photograph my sigfig in Scotland, but I had no idea what I was doing, so the photos were terrible.

One of Jana’s earliest toy picture in Scotland.

Then one day I took a photo I still like today, called “Flower inspection”. I used the only flower that survived my (lack of) treatment, and one of my minifigs on a bike. I liked the light, I liked the idea and I tried to work the scene. In the end, I thought about what I was doing and managed to get something I was happy with. Since then I got hooked.

New photos came very slowly at first. But more recently, I attended Stuck in Plastic latest toy safari in Paris, and I’ve been seriously stuck with toy photography since then :-)

“Flower inspection”

I keep doing toy photography because of the fun. It’s so much fun to play with toys, to pose them, to combine them into something funnier, to make them do funny things. But also it can get more serious and enable me to express my feelings when words are not enough.

Jana and #SiPgoes52

Why and how Jana approaches #SiPgoes52

52 sounds like a reasonable number of photos. The prompts are varied and very open to interpretation, so it seemed like a good challenge.

However, contrarily to most other people, I didn’t start the project in January and didn’t follow the rules. I’m not going by weeks as the rest of the people doing this challenge. I don’t know if I will complete the whole project as I’m not even going in the planned order. Instead of doing it by weeks, I just use the project as suggestions of what to photograph. I think it’s a good source of ideas and food for thoughts if you are stuck!


Initially, I hoped to post a picture a day for the whole of August, to see if I can. Although it would have been only 31 photos, for me, it would have been a finished project. That said, I didn’t manage that. Life got in the way. But I decided to continue because it gives me the motivation to keep on taking photos that are not funny but more emotional.


Jana’s favorite words

Since I’m not going by weeks as the rest of the people doing this challenge, I’ve already posted a photo of all the words that connect the most with me.


I connect strongly with “love” and “hope” because of what is going on in my life. I’m surprised a little about “spirituality”. I expected this word to be a hard one for me, but then I saw a photo I took and it hit me. Also, I like how just changing focus and a bit of lighting makes different photos for different words (“bravery” and “fear“).


I started with words that connect with me most, so I already did all those that I looked forward to. Now I’m curious what I will do for the rest. I’m also curious what others will do for all of the remaining words :-)

We’d like to thank Jana for spending time with us! You can find her on Instagram at @nutelasabe, as well as on Flickr and Google+.

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5 years ago

I’m so glad you joined us on this great little adventure that is SiPgoes52 :-)
Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for the words that inspire you less!

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing some insights with us, Jana. It was really great to meet you in person in Paris, and who knows, maybe one day we will be both laying in the streets of Brno, taking pictures of toys. Just like in Paris :)

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