Post Safari Blues

Can you relate?

Do you know that certain feeling you get after a toy safari?
This emptiness?
The bleakness?
Or annoyance?
Weirdness maybe?
This feeling of being out of place?
Like you woke up from a dream and you don’t know what’s happening?
Being all over the place and nowhere at the same time?
This cold inside?

Don´t worry

You are not alone!
It’s called PostSafariDepression (or PostSafariBlues) and we all have got it. So, that’s the good news. The bad news is that so far no scientists have found a cure. The only things that help a little are: staying in touch with fellow sufferers, sorting through photos from the toy safari, taking (more) photos of toys, building with some Lego, sleeping… and time.


Warning: Don’t make any life changing decisions while suffering from this mental problem, you just might regret them later.                                                 Rather sleep on it a little longer.


P.S.: Thank you, @reiterlied, for keeping me sane through these tough times.

Having fun with little pieces of plastic in Czech republic. So far, my dog haven’t eaten a single Lego piece. And I haven’t stepped on one.

4 Replies to “Post Safari Blues”

  1. Only one remedy to the Safari Blues: play with toys. Make your life the dream (or the dream your life?) so you waking up to reality is easier :-)

    It was nice meeting and having so much fun and laugh together!

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