Week 2: Confidence

Seriously? We’re already two weeks into 2018?? Awesome!

Awesome because it means that we’ve already arrived in our #SiPgoes52 challenge. The one where there’s a new word for everyone to explore every single week. All in all 52 words that you may think about. And last but not least: 52 words for you to visualize with your camera.


When Boris came up with the idea for this challenge last year we instantly were hooked. We saw the list of words and went through it with various thoughts: What sounds familiar to me? What words can I easily connect with? And what words can’t I? There were even words whose meaning I wasn’t even sure of…

Week 2

Now that two weeks of the new year have passed by, I’m getting comfy with the idea of having one special word for every week. It found its way into conversations when finding out that one word may have different meanings to people. Sometimes there’s even more than one meaning for one person. It made me think about a single word during commutes or lunch breaks.

Some of those who play along found this week’s word a little hard to put in a picture. Confidence.

Then again most people thought of it as in self-confidence.  Two that struck a chord with me (!) were the pics of @legoteam_cm and @legorunner  as they reminded me of a moment lightyears ago when I played in a school band. Precious memories for sure.

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For my own contribution to this week’s word, I thought of that sort of self-confidence you definitely need when finding yourself facing some real evil opponent. No matter how small you may be or feel, being equipped with confidence and showing just that will make that mean counterpart go away.

Whatever the meaning for each of this week’s participants may be, I’m very happy to see that so far there are 32 entries! I’m looking forward to the next words to come and am absolutely sure most of you will agree that Fun will be an easier one.

Last but not least

And remember: If you want to join in on our challenge of #SiPgoes52 you are always in control of which word you will join in with. Choose one or two. Choose all. Or choose those that are dear to you or those that appear to be hardest. Just use the hashtag of the week so we can find and welcome you on our journey.


Stefan /@HerrSM


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Bennett McKinney
3 years ago

Well I’m glad my photo reminded you of that. I do truly enjoy your take on this weeks word. Here’s to 50 more!