SiP goes Le6Brick

I started this year looking back at the past and I talked about future projects for the beginning of the year.
It is now time to tell you more about one of this project.


During three weeks, the collective Stuck in Plastic will have pictures on display near Paris during an exhibition called “Le6Brick”.

This is a extract from the exhibition website:

From February 8th through February 25th 2018, the 6b will be hosting the First International Contemporary Art Exhibition related to the use of LEGO bricks.
The exhibition will feature internationally acclaimed artists, who all use the same medium as a basis for their work and for further research.
The show will also allow for the artists coming together in the same locale – le 6b- to work within a space which focuses specifically on sharing, creative endeavor and networking, or what amounts to the spreading of others’ arts and information.
The participation in the exhibit of active residents and interns of the 6b Community Organization, as sponsors and artists, is also in keeping with the members’ grassroots beliefs. The exhibition and its organization allow for the members of the 6b to expand their own networks and creative processes,  and to work, via the LEGO medium, alongside other new artists.

Poster of the exhibition
Poster of the exhibition

This is a collective exhibition and we (read Boris, Maelick, Stefan and myself) will be surrounded by talented artists using LEGO bricks in different ways to express themselves (photography, sculptures, movies, jewelry, mosaics,…).

SiP goes Le6Brick

For this exhibition, we decided to go back to 2017.
Remember the twelve words that we talked about last year? Reflections, Inspiration, story,…

We decided to select twelve pictures to illustrate the twelve words.
We won’t reveal the actual pictures that we selected but it was not an easy choice. 

During the exhibition, the pictures on display will be up for sale if you are interested in getting some SiP art on your wall.

When, where and what

The exhibition will take place at “Le 6b” (6-10 quai de Seine / 93200 Saint-Denis / France) from February 8th to the 25th with different activities open to the public during the weeks and weekends.

Here is the actual agenda:

  • Thursday, February 8th: Grand opening.
    LEGO Food Design, artists’ presentations, online sales of goodies.
  • Saturday, February 10th and Sunday, February 11th: Exhibition opened to the public.
  • From February 12th to 16th: LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop, Personal Development and Team Building.
  • Wednesday, February 14th: Special Valentine’s Day, Stop Motion Workshop and artisanal creation of LEGO Jewelry.
  • Saturday, February 17th: The 6BRICK movies.
  • Sunday, February 18th: LEGO and street art.
    Animations / Workshops.
  • From February 19th to 23rd: Exhibition opened to libraries and leisure centers with workshops led by 6b artists.
  • Saturday, February 24th and Sunday, February 25th: Closing with LUG exhibition.

The grand opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, February 8th. Boris and myself will be in attendance.

Stuck In Plastic will also organize a small toy safari on Saturday (10/06) afternoon. Everyone is more than welcome to tag along.
And if you can’t come, we will share the event online using the tag #SiPgoesLe6Brick.

We hope to see some of you at Le6brick.

Julien / Ballou34 and the Stuck in Plastic crew

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Mike Harvey
6 years ago

That sounds really cool! Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing the photos. ☺️

6 years ago

That so nice!!!

I will be in Paris the first week for work, I will stay for the weekend to be a part of the toy safari on saturday 10th :)

Is the grand opening open for the public?

I’m so excited to see the exhibition! Great great news!

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