Some more reflection…

Before leaving the last station, I wanted to share with you one last thought on the subject. One last reflection about “Reflections“: my thought process when it comes to photographing toys.

To be perfectly honest, most of my pictures are made on the fly. Spur of the moment. When I am somewhere, I have some many minifigures with me and I come up with an idea, inspired by the location. Some ideas are good and some not so much.

But from time to time, an image or a concept pops into my mind. So I write it down. I am using for that some virtual sticky notes with Google keep (a free app on my phone), to trace my ideas. It all starts with a couple of words.

“A stormtrooper looking overboard a boat and seeing my sigfig for reflection”

My Virtual Sticky Notes

Having the “sticky note” on my phone allows me, from time to time, to come back to that idea. And sometimes, I write more details about it.

“Black background. Reflective surface (plexiglas). Directional light from the right.”

And from time to time, I draw a sketch.

I know that I am not a good drawer. My drawings are terrible but they help me get a better idea of what I have in mind because if I am coming back to the sticky notes too long after I wrote them, I sometimes have difficulties understanding my own ideas…

So, on the sketch, I can either draw my vision of the final picture or the setup I would need. I also write a couple of notes and that’s it. I always take a picture of that sketch and I keep it on my phone. That way I can easily come back to the concept and think more about it. I also doodle other stuff that comes to mind and write words to help me focus and force myself to think more on the subject.

Sketches (You can notice an even worst sketch regarding another picture I made for the “Reflections” article)

After that, it’s time to get my gear ready. And take the picture.

My setup, at home. Sorry for the bad telephone picture…
The final picture – (Photoshop was used on this one to merge two pictures and add the smoke effect)


What about you?
What is your thought process?
Do you sketch your pictures beforehand?
Do you write down stories or situations to help you with your picture ideas?

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5 years ago

At least you have a better handwriting than I do :D I often think I should make sketches on paper before going out but the omnipresence of computers have made me reluctant to use a pen. The closest thing to sketches I have are failed photos I want to retake at some point. I do have a (long) list of ideas. I used Google Keep in the past but the list has become too big to be manageable in Keep so I moved to Trello instead. However recently, it’s been actually quite rare when I do use one from that… Read more »

5 years ago

You draw very nice pictures. And I have to admit the post connected with my creative flow. I most of the time just make the situational drawing afterward. With my iPhone. So I have a quick reference of the behind the scene when I want to recreate a feeling later, and maybe we should start a new BTS series here where we can share these pictures. Although it may take away some of the magic :) I used all kind of idea catchers. From high-end sketchbooks, I left outside in the rain (not a good idea) to simple real live… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Ballou34

Aye. And we have a new one upcoming with Lizzy in London soon, so pretty sure we will get enough #BTS shots.

I wrapped the plastic from the notebook just a few minutes ago. Now I am scared to draw my first “sketch” in it :P

5 years ago

Oh, you all really know how to draw! I’m also be of those who do not do sketches before taking on a new project. But: whenever I’m thinking of a pic and during the process I’m feeling its just not the one thing I wanted I still shoot some pics of the entire scene as a digital sketch/to return to the idea. Instead of GoogleKeep I’m using Microsoft’s equivalent, OneNote, that I got used to from my phone. Now- as I’m not going to London but you will be I’m expecting quite SOME BTS shots, just so you know ;)… Read more »

5 years ago

Seldom I plan ahead what to shoot. But when I do I use pen and paper (oldschool) and sometimes I take a photo of it.

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