The Elves’ Treehouse

Last month, I got the chance to take part in a photo collaboration with LEGO on the new LEGO Ideas Treehouse. Thus, I got the opportunity to build and photograph this beauty before it was publicly unveiled. And it ended up being quite a surprise. (That said, it wasn’t the total surprise I was excepting. Like most people, I saw the leaked images that were circulating online while the set was on its way to Finland.)

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Awesome Tree Time

Awesome Tree

It is that time of the year again we go out and get our tree sorted.

Getting ready for celebrating the turn of the seasons, celebrating the days are getting longer, spending quality time with friends and family, age old traditions celebrated across the galaxy and beyond …

As most of you know I have something with solstices and equinoxes alike and I guess it must be the photographer in me that is just closely linked to the changes of light (my typewriter, Lyn) and is just getting excited and happy to get a little bit more sunshine to shoot those epic sunrises and sunsets across the globe after spending time with friends to celebrate around the trees.

My booklets are ready, on the way to the mailman, and this years exclusive Xmas cards are ready to be sent as well.
Xmas cards shot on location when Benny decided to help us out in selecting our little Xmas tree. They are just awesome.

Do you want a signed, limited edition, Me2 awesome Xmas card in your mailbox with a special greeting or sent to one of your loved ones with a special word from you ?

Easy, just register and comment below.

The innocent hand will select the lucky ones on Sunday eve (the 48 hours have just started now).