Where Is Anton

A must have iconic set.

When LEGO revealed the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store on the first night of the RLFM days, we knew we had just laid our eyes on a most gorgeous, iconic set. A collector’s item in the making.
Most probably one of the best sets of 2017.
A toy photographers dream.
A must have. Continue reading “Where Is Anton”

Winter Is Coming

What can I say.

For sure, Winter is coming here up in the Northern Hemisphere and we are waking up to the most beautiful landscapes filled with icing and mist while the Aurora Borealis is playing first violin. The early days of Narnia, and every outdoor photographers icy wet dream. Most awesome, yet that same Swedish winter tricked me into a fantastic cold last week and I have been stuck between honey filled warm water some of us call tea and coughing board room meetings with Darth making sure Kleenex got its fair share of revenue this week. Not much shooting for me, yet an awefull lot of reflection time with my Kleenex in the late hours of the day.

Having a cold is not as bad as it may seem in retrospect .

Just like Ansel twelve works of reflection, a good old cold helps you to take a step back of the daily routines, reflect on the bigger picture and take a deep breath and make one wonder why he or she is shooting.

I am shooting for myself. I love my audience and I love my likes, but I am truly shooting for myself (and my great grand children, but that is a separate post). If tomorrow the internet and social media disappears, I will still be out there on the floor shooting plastic for me and my ancestors. One picture at a time.

I am sure about that.

Then again, just like Mike I like your critique and feedback. I love to wake up to an extra like, thumbs up or a friendly word of critique. I grow thanks to all of you.

And sharing with you is equally important.
It makes me tick.
I am growing because of you.
We share the passion of plastic.

Yes, I want to show you what I shot outside the boundaries of IG, Flickr, FB or G+. I want to share with you my work, our work, and I am so looking forward to sharing something special with you in Seattle in November

Winter is coming, and it is going to be awesome !






Geeked !

Everything is awesome ! Especially if you make it to the cover of GeekWire.

Seriously, how cool is it to be featured on the geekiest website of Seattle and the surrounding galaxies ? Seriously cool. Go head over and discover some unknown facts we never shared before. And while you are at it, share it with your friends, family and social circles alike.




An Oasis in the Desert


Eight months ago, Shelly (@xxsjc) Paul (@bricksailboat) Nick (@wiiman) and I sat at a bar in Seattle, enjoying a cold beer on a warm afternoon, having just finished a group photography outing. We marveled at the engaging experience our photo safaris tended to be and decided to invite others to come meet us… in Las Vegas.

Last weekend, I found myself in the beautiful Nevada desert taking photos of toys with a dozen other people. They had traveled from miles away to hang out (and in my case bunk) with folks they had never met. Each had their own artistic abilities, interests and styles, but the rocky landscapes seemed to bring out everyone’s best. Figures were borrowed and techniques were discussed, all with a peppering of laughter and playful competition. We got to know each other throughout the weekend, but nothing was more impressive to me than the positive attitudes and good-natured sensibilities that I encountered from this amazing group of artists.

While waiting to board my flight home I thought about why I felt so good. Why did I have such a strong sense of pride about a silly little meet-up? Two things come to mind. First, because we actually did it. People talk all the time about things they ‘want to do’ but we just did it. That is tragically rare and utterly awesome. Secondly, because I have been fortunate to photograph toys with my friends and it was wonderful to help others see how great that can be. Photography tends to be an isolating experience in many ways, but if you can go shooting with another person it becomes altogether different, if not improved.

We’ve begun talking about the next #toyphotosafari and I look forward to seeing my friends again, but nothing has me more excited than the thought of adding to our numbers. Finding others who love to take pictures of toys, bringing them together and share the fun of group photo sessions; that’s the new challenge and reward ahead.
That’s why I feel so good.
Jaiken – @dinoczars


Awesome Tree Time

Awesome Tree

It is that time of the year again we go out and get our tree sorted.

Getting ready for celebrating the turn of the seasons, celebrating the days are getting longer, spending quality time with friends and family, age old traditions celebrated across the galaxy and beyond …

As most of you know I have something with solstices and equinoxes alike and I guess it must be the photographer in me that is just closely linked to the changes of light (my typewriter, Lyn) and is just getting excited and happy to get a little bit more sunshine to shoot those epic sunrises and sunsets across the globe after spending time with friends to celebrate around the trees.

My booklets are ready, on the way to the mailman, and this years exclusive Xmas cards are ready to be sent as well.
Xmas cards shot on location when Benny decided to help us out in selecting our little Xmas tree. They are just awesome.

Do you want a signed, limited edition, Me2 awesome Xmas card in your mailbox with a special greeting or sent to one of your loved ones with a special word from you ?

Easy, just register and comment below.

The innocent hand will select the lucky ones on Sunday eve (the 48 hours have just started now).



Bacon is good for me !

Another roller-coaster week it has been here on Stuck In Plastic.

A roller-coaster of great posts, great feedback, great emotions, and some other awesomeness around the corners.

We grew this week a fantastic 200 new friends on facebook. Thank You.

We grew to an average of plus 200 reads a day here on Stuck In Plastic in the last few weeks. Thank You.

We launched a fantastic book exchange program for your Xmas tree and you guys and gals are selecting you epic twelve. Thank You.

We outed ourselves and a few more in being Stuck In Plastic Photographers, and you all got very engaged. Thank You.

We looked back at our own Stuart and what responsibilities come with being Stuck In Plastic.

And some more …

A roller-coaster week of great epicness, awesomeness and a little bit of bacon along the lines.

A week of exploring our boundaries and getting ready for the Xmas season.

Another week of being with You, exploring with You, sharing with You …

Thank You !

You can still sign up for our epic twelve book exchange here.

What topic would you like to see addressed before Xmas ?
What do you feel is missing here on Stuck In Plastic ?
What do you really like and want to see and hear more of ?

And the winner is …

During the awesome madness of indypendence day on IG,  we got word from the awesome folks over at LEGO and Warner Bros that the Awesome After Party made it to the finals and was selected as the number one also know as the winner of The LEGO Movie Scandinavian Master Builder Challenge.  
To quote Gitte Bloch Eskildsen, senior brand manager, LEGO group: “The Awesome After Party is one of the most impressive and creative LEGO houses I have ever seen built by a LEGO fan and fully captures the essence and fun of THE LEGO Movie and what LEGO is all about, namely imagination, fun and creativity …”
And fans we are here at stuckinplastic of all things LEGO ! 
Now we could not have won this challenge without all of you and your fantastic support in making all of this happen.  To celebrate the awesomeness of all of this we have decided to not just give one, two or three signed prints away of the Awesome After Party™ but five exclusive signed prints.
Handpicked by an innocent child from a planet far far away, here are the five lucky winners:
Ella N. Big thanks for tricking her daddy in going all in on FB to get the vote out, a signed print is on its way. 
Goedele D. from Belgium for outing herself on FB.
Lyn M. Thanks for doing all the great stuff both on the interweb and IG.
And last but not least Anna G. from D. in W. for being such a great support and also outing herself on FB. 
Number five will be handpicked out of all the fantastic IG comments you guys and gals have been giving us !
Time to get ready for the next crazy adventure


PS. We will upload the images on Flickr as well.
PPS. How many times was the word awesome mentioned here on stuckinplastic in the last 5 posts ?

You Are Awesome !

Thank you all for your awesomeness !
This is our 100th post here on the stuckinplastic blog and we thought we share some stats of awesomeness with you all !
Our very first post was posted only 4 months ago and attracted a good 17 page views and no G+ recommendation.
In average individual posts today get an average of 54 page views and our most viewed individual posting got a good 136 individual page views and 19 G+ recommendations.
We accumulated a great grand total of  11K page views.
The top countries visiting us are US, Sweden, Israel, UK, Australia, Russia, Finland, Singapore and Belgium. 
33% of you awesome people are using windows and another 33% use a Mac and 21% actually likes to visit us from the comfort of their iPhone.
We accumulated a good 115 comments here, but get much more traction on G+ (do visit our G+ community if you have not yet done)
And last but not least (and I know some of you will not believe this, including myself), Shelly and Me2 posted each approximate 50 posts each.
Thank you all for awesome support the last 4 months.
Looking forward to another quarter of awesomeness together with you !
Shelly & Me2

Crash Test Dummies …

While Crash™is telling great stories and enjoying ice creams in Oslo on the Awesome After Party and really likes you to vote for us on facebook we experienced another not so nice crash this week.

We were having a great time in The Studio™planning and prepping for our next big adventure (more on that later next week – but rest assured the plans do not include dinosaur train stations) when the whole studio turned dark. 

Or at least the viewfinder turned dark.

It did not matter what lens we put on, the viewfinder became more and more dark, and we could not even focus correctly anymore.

Something was seriously wrong and even the display threw an odd error message.

We felt like a painter who’s brushes just turned into stone or a writer without a pen.

What did just happen ?

We only had a full clean and check up a little while ago and so with shivering legs we went to the mothership to get the verdict on the damage and the ETA of the repair.

Especially this last one was a big concern as we were planning a first set of shoots next week, before the start of the next big adventure in three weeks time.

The young trooper behind the desk took our body into the dungeons for a thorough check, and after a while a more senior trooper returned with the verdict.

A tiny little screw got lost on my lens and this ultimately damaged the aperture mechanism, turning the viewfinder dark as the aperture ring was bent.

My favorite 105 got a replacement screw, but the body needed to stay for repair.

The senior trooper advised to check occasionally for this little stop screw and even take a little screw driver along (yes sir, rest assured I will check this bugger once in a while).

So, if you are shooting DSLR and change your glass on a regular basis do check for the little stop screw on your lenses as it is a critical component and you don’t want to be caught out like us.

I had no clue about that little screw and the damage it could do.
I am sure most of you are not checking for it either.
Here is a quick post on flickr showing the missing screw on a lens (not my lens, I just googled for missing stop screw) 

At the same time the young trooper returned with a replacement body so we could continue our planned shoot while awaiting the final repair.

Awesome service.  

Thank you, Nikon !


PS. If you are planning to go on a longer trip (photo safari, holiday, art project…) it is always good to take a second body along (your iPhone is the backup of the backup) and check your gear a week ahead of the departure date so you can work out any last minute hiccups you may encounter …

Remember, the gear of a photographer is an essential piece of kit to produce awesome art or cool pictures and you dont want to be caught out when you traveled far and beyond.  

Here is my small pre-flight checklist for photo shoots abroad.

Check your gear at least a week ahead.
This really means taking some pictures with all your lenses and look for dust spots.
If dust spots, go get a cleaning of your sensor at a certified photo shop.
Make sure you have a second body with you (which you also tested).
Make sure your batteries are fully loaded, and you have a travel adapter along.
Make sure you have the possibility to backup your memory cards on a hard-disk and online.
Make sure you have sufficient memory cards along so you can at least survive two days.

Who you gonna call ?

Tomorrow the Me2 Crew will be crashing the awesome after party in the Central Station of Stockholm (and guess who we called to drive us to the the party ?)

If you want to meet Me2, the Me2 Crew and some other infamous celebrities you are more than welcome to join us in Stockholm Central Station where LEGO and Warner Bros are celebrating the release of the best movie ever on Bluebeard and other related devices as of 10 AM CET.

We have some secret gifts for those of you who make it to Central Station and get a picture posted on Instagram tagged with the awesome #TLMscandininavia5 tag and Me2 included.

But no despair for those of you who cannot make it to Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen in the coming days as the folks at LEGO and WB have created an awesome Facebook App for all of you to let you vote remote (and even make you win a personalized print).

Here are the 5 easy steps (and you even get a fantastic sneak preview of the build):

1. Hit the link here: Facebook App
2. When asked to first like the WB homepage, just hit like.
3. Then vote for the awesome after party by selecting #TLMscandininavia5 and giving it your Facebook vote. So the fifth picture it is :-)
4. Tell your friends, kids and grandparents alike to do the same.
5. Say done here in the comments (or on IG) and you enter into the draw.
You see how easy that was ?

See you soon !
Me2 & Crew