Das Auto

June 2nd 2016. Memory Lane. The forbidden section. The LEGO House, Billund.
Our host of the day dives behind the barrier and comes back with a box behind his back and calls out: “No pictures”. He slowly reveals the box and a blue car appears and I instantly know I have fallen in love. Continue reading “Das Auto”

bring ’em or leave ’em?

I’m packing up my circus tent and going on the road.

Yup, I’ll be taking a break from this small corner of the planet and head off to somewhere much more pleasant this time of year. I do not care for winter and if I don’t have to subject myself to all of the nonsense that goes along with it for the duration, I won’t.

some of my relatives down south
some of my relatives down south

So off I go …to somewhere other than here and I’m taking my toys with me. “How fun!” you think, right? Continue reading “bring ’em or leave ’em?”


When I posted last Tuesday my travelling toy photography post, I was actually visiting the most wonderful city of Granada, Spain, Europe, Planet Earth and took a walk up to its own “Red One” also known as the Alhambra. My original intent was to actually share a simple post the same day from the Alhambra while being on the road when I discovered that my travelling toy photography workflow was not up to a real life stream of where I was. Continue reading “Alhambra”