Toy photography, traveling and vacations

Summer is slowly coming to an end. The nature slows down little by little. I’m getting closer and closer to a depression with longer nights and a hard time at work with everybody returning from vacation.
So let’s talk about vacation and traveling!

And about toys, of course.

Traveling is cool.
Taking pictures of toys is cool.
Taking pictures of toys during vacation is not always cool (at least for me).

Here are three stories of mine, showing how sometimes it’s difficult to combine traveling, vacation and toy photography.

Packing without a checklist

Everything starts before leaving when I pack my bag. I’m always scared I will miss the only accessory I left at home, so I go on vacation with a LOT of stuff. And even if I try to pack in advance, I ALWAYS forget something that I will need at some point.

Today’s joke?
I’m writing this article on the plane, heading for a long weekend in Wien. When I left the house this afternoon, guess what I forgot? My skeletons! Luckily I thought about it in the car before turning the corner of the street, so now my skeletons are safe in my cabin luggage.

Next time?
Do a checklist, Karine, just do it!

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Das Auto

June 2nd 2016. Memory Lane. The forbidden section. The LEGO House, Billund.
Our host of the day dives behind the barrier and comes back with a box behind his back and calls out: “No pictures”. He slowly reveals the box and a blue car appears and I instantly know I have fallen in love. Continue reading “Das Auto”

My Holiday Trip with a Killer Robot

In the summer of 2013 we made a family trip to Greece. I’m not much of a sunbather so I grabbed something to go as we left, just in case. Even though I had never photographed on the run like this, I thought I’d simply keep a door open for it for the duration of our trip, nothing more. I had no plan, no aim, I was on holiday. Continue reading “My Holiday Trip with a Killer Robot”


When I posted last Tuesday my travelling toy photography post, I was actually visiting the most wonderful city of Granada, Spain, Europe, Planet Earth and took a walk up to its own “Red One” also known as the Alhambra. My original intent was to actually share a simple post the same day from the Alhambra while being on the road when I discovered that my travelling toy photography workflow was not up to a real life stream of where I was. Continue reading “Alhambra”

Travel Photography

We have been discussing  what kind of photography we fall in as toy photographers here on the blog. From the more classic still life photography some of us practice to the narrative/action Shelly suggested only recently here on the blog to other magical propositions. A most interesting question, with no easy answer. Continue reading “Travel Photography”