What would you ask ?

Amazing times being Stuck In Plastic.

We are just considering wrapping up the most epic toy safari ever and we are already working out the next edition here in Europe  (Hamburg, Germany, Europe) and setting the date for the 2017 US edition. Amazing times.

Times of creative awesome plastic photographs and new friendships around the globe.
And then you get an invite.
An invite to the Chocolate Factory and all of a sudden you feel like Charlie in said factory. So yes, we (read all of YOU) got an invite to meet up with HQ aka The Mothership as we tend to call LEGO HQ in our hangouts. An invite to the Chocolate Factory in Billund, Denmark. Continue reading “What would you ask ?”


Visiting London, exploring the Tower Bridge and enjoying the views from the shard with family and friends is one thing. But exploring the City with one of the traveling Time Lords as your personal guide and taking the TARDIS for a quick spin is a completely different experience. One I can warmly recommend when you’re visiting the capital of England. Continue reading “Tardis”