What would you ask ?

Amazing times being Stuck In Plastic.

We are just considering wrapping up the most epic toy safari ever and we are already working out the next edition here in Europe  (Hamburg, Germany, Europe) and setting the date for the 2017 US edition. Amazing times.

Times of creative awesome plastic photographs and new friendships around the globe.
And then you get an invite.
An invite to the Chocolate Factory and all of a sudden you feel like Charlie in said factory. So yes, we (read all of YOU) got an invite to meet up with HQ aka The Mothership as we tend to call LEGO HQ in our hangouts. An invite to the Chocolate Factory in Billund, Denmark.

Being a RLUG has its privileges it seems, a visit to the Plastic Factory, meeting some of the visionaries and creators behind the different LEGO franchises  and ideas and meeting some of the other most wonderful folks working with plastic in different areas outside the corporate LEGO brand. From our good friends over at Bricks Magazine over to  The Brothers Brick to the die hard builders at Eurobricks, a most interesting fellowship.

But then it dawned on me (shiver me timbers)

I am kind of good at taking pictures, I can talk f-stops and the creative why I shoot, but I am not a registered journalist trained in the art of asking the right questions

And that is where we need You !

What would you ask LEGO when you would be sitting in their top secret design studio and they gave you the magic brick that lets you ask that one special question  ? What would you ask the makers of LEGO technics, LEGO Bionicles and LEGO Ideas alike …

What would you ask LEGO ?


Meeting The Mother Ship …


PS. The comments below are a very good place to start and if you feel you rather sent them to me directly just use my private email me*@va********.com">here


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7 years ago

Fantastic news!
I’m from Italy, and to go to Germany will be more easy instead of US, haha.
I’ll try to do my best to come!

7 years ago

Hello :)
Thinking of good questions was hard! I have only come up with these:
How do you go about when creating a new set? Is it for what could sell, is it requests or are going for something yourself want to have?

7 years ago


I would ask about the mini figures in the Ideas sets. I was under the impression that the mini figures that were included in the idea sets need to be created from existing mini-figure parts. While this was true in the Female Scientists set it obviously wasn’t true for Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, The Exo Suit or The Big Bang Theory. Do they have rules or are the mini figures created on a case by case basis? I’m simply curious.


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