Review 700

We love reviewing LEGO sets here at Stuck In Plastic.

Some we get from LEGO and some we can’t resist to add to our portfolio because we have an image in our head we have to shoot.
And sometimes we just bump into the perfect stranger.
Love at first sight.
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An internet Troll is a disgusting, narcissistic and sadistic creature that takes great pleasure in making you as miserable as he/she is. They often conduct their campaigns of sleaze from the safe confines of their mothers basement, a filthy toilet stall in a high school or while sponging free wifi as they sip their Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip in an over-priced, hipster d-bag coffee shop. Continue reading “Thief!”