Meet Ian

TGiF- Thank Godtfred it’s Friday again.

Hello, it’s Stefan on behalf of the SiP crew. Let’s sit down for a virtual cup of coffee and talk to a friend of our little blog about themselves, their photography and about the #SiPgoes52 challenge again.

This week I thought I’d be extra clever and offer a cup of tea instead as I was going to talk to Ian from Liverpool, England. Turns out I hadn’t done my homework precisely enough:
Our guest kindly asked for a latte with sugar. (He spent some time in France.)

But now, dear readers, grab yourself an euphorigenic hot drink of your choice, lean back and enjoy our talk. Continue reading “Meet Ian”

Week 9 – SiP goes Paris


This week’s word is community. According to our good friends at Wikipedia, it is defined as:

community is a small or large social group of living things who have something in common, such as norms, religion, values, or identity.

We’ve seen in this week submissions both the idea of geographical community or virtual community.

Particularly, community relates strongly to the toy photography community and to us here in Stuck in Plastic. As a community mostly active through social media, it fits in the category of community centered around a virtual space. However, creating social connections in the physical world and expanding our community into real-life relationships is also important to us. This is why we organize each year a toy safari

So what better way, than sharing some more details about the 2018 edition of the Stuck in Plastic toy safari as part of this weeks word, community!

Here goes … Continue reading “Week 9 – SiP goes Paris”

Art Exhibition – Le 6 Brick

From February 8th through February 25th, 2018, the 6b Community Organization will be hosting the First International Contemporary Art Exhibit related to the use and usages of LEGO® bricks in the city of light, Paris, France.

The exhibit will feature some thirty internationally acclaimed artists, who all use the same medium as a basis for their work and for further research and included the creative toy photography collective, Stuck In Plastic.

The show will also allow for the artists coming together in the same locale – le 6b- to work within a space which focuses specifically on sharing, creative endeavor and networking, or what amounts to the spreading of others’ arts and information.

The participation in the exhibit of active residents and interns of the 6b Community Organization, as sponsors and artists, is also in keeping with the members’ grassroots beliefs. The exhibit and its organizing allow for the members of the 6b to expand their own networks and creative processes,  and to work, via the LEGO ® medium, alongside other new artists.

SiP goes … in 2018

2017 is almost over but here at Stuck In Plastic, we are already planning 2018.

I hope you all enjoyed our reports about our last toy safari in Scotland (the review, the #1Toy2Share activity or Chris Rose experience) and maybe you were even able to attend our small exhibition during Bricklive Birmingham. We all had a blast there. Since we want to have fun again soon, we’ve already started planning the next one. Continue reading “SiP goes … in 2018”