The story of a coffee break that helped finding a solution

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there were two scientists.
If you have no idea what scientist are doing all day: most of the time they are just being curious. They look at the world and try to understand it bit by bit. They may do so in their offices, on expeditions or in their laboratories.
And sometimes they even stumble across a problem when on their coffee breaks. Continue reading “The story of a coffee break that helped finding a solution”

That One Coffee Break

With Chris throwing his one in the group yesterday, we can for sure say that taking a deep dive into what image was a game changer for our plastic photographers has taken equally epic proportions as our Why series and we have to thank not only Lady Amidala, Jesus, Charles, the iconic Nikonus but even a chipmunk called Buddi for being that special one. Continue reading “That One Coffee Break”