That One Coffee Break

With Chris throwing his one in the group yesterday, we can for sure say that taking a deep dive into what image was a game changer for our plastic photographers has taken equally epic proportions as our Why series and we have to thank not only Lady Amidala, Jesus, Charles, the iconic Nikonus but even a chipmunk called Buddi for being that special one. Continue reading “That One Coffee Break”

What is in your bag ?

We all know that a woman’s purse or handbag can be an adventure on its own. An object most men want to stay away from as it can take you places in this galaxy you may not want to venture, yet nothing beats a photographers bag  and what it carries (and you may really be surprised of the differences we share in our bags).

After asking the question of why are you shooting plastic to a select set of toy photographers, we are now embarking on a new series here on Stuck In Plastic to explore what toy photographers carry along in their bag when they go out and about and shoot some plastic and try to get some behind the scenes and deeper insights into the minds of these folks who carry a complete different type of bag along to a variety of locations.

And we just have one simple question for them.

What is in your bag ?

Before we embark on the deep dive with asking Shelly, Vesa and a few others what they have in their bag, we are curious if you can guess who’s bags we took in the below shot and what is they attribute they have in their bag  ?



Let us know in the comments below and do add your bonus question we should ask these toy photographers … (we promise we will pass on the questions asked).


Confessions of an AFOL – Part 1

While I was waiting for my iPod to charge up the other day, I decided to do something different. Instead of playing games, I decided to write about something that I have been thinking about a lot these past few days. Specifically those licensed sets Lego has released or is about to release: Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Simpsons, Dr. Who, Big Bang Theory, and Scooby Doo.

I have seen so much excitement towards these sets on Instagram that it has made me feel weird that I don’t feel any of that excitement myself. I even wrote about it on a friend’s picture as a comment, which I will repeat here:

“I only saw “Back to the Future” last year, and the only reason I watched it was because it got turned into a set and all the Lego community was so excited about it. Me? I was bored. I just couldn’t see what the fuss was all about. Thankfully, I made it till the end without sleeping, but by that time I was sure I was never getting that set.”

The only thing I remember about Ghostbusters is the theme song with the catchphrase “Who ya gonna call?”. Frankly the movie wasn’t that memorable. The Simpsons… gosh… as much as I love animation of all sorts, I just never warmed up to that family. The jokes seem cheap and I have never understood why people loved it so much. Maybe it’s a culture thing? As for Dr. Who – I stumbled upon it as I was going through the channels, and could only bear it for 15 minutes. It was THAT bad. I have never seen Big Bang Theory so I can’t comment on that one. Scooby Doo has the same level of stupidity for me as The Simpsons. In my opinion, it may be one of the worst animated series of its time.

Now, that brings me these questions: How and why? How is almost everyone in the Lego community so excited about these series and why am I not??! I get that everyone has different interests, that’s why there are so many different themes. I may like pirates and someone else likes space, or ninjas and so forth. But whenever the subject of one of the themes mentioned above comes up, everyone is like “Oh my God! I can’t believe they are really making this into a set!!” And that’s about the only thing I share with others: “I really can’t believe they are making that into a set!!”

I love anything related to Lego, so why do those new sets have no effect on me? Why don’t I get even a little bit excited? And don’t give me the “You’re getting old” excuse because I’m fine purchasing other sets and mini figures. I spoke to my father who is also a huge Lego and movie fan and neither of us was able to come up with any logical reasons.

I wish I could give you a conclusion, but I simply don’t have one; I wish I did. I would welcome your thoughts on this subject. Is there anyone else in our Lego community who feels the same way? I hope so. Otherwise I’m just one strange lady who’s babbling about stuff…


PS: Special thanks to @ryanbabylon2929 for the inspiration and @lego_86 for getting me to confess :)

One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter - Henry David Thoreau
One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter – Henry David Thoreau


How long does it take you ?

Awesome. Lets have some FUN

While some of us seem to have a challenge with coming out of the closet and openly share their passion for being stuck in plastic, I have a complete different question for you to kickstart the weekend.

How long does it take you ?

How long does it take you between getting a great idea and putting it out there for all of us to enjoy ?

Avanaut just shared recently it can take him years to get it all right but I am more interested in the idea to first edition question.

In the past, it took me between a few minutes (time to take a selfie) to maximum a few hours to get it all right, shot, edited and out there in the big pool of instant gratification, ready to receive likes.

Today it takes days or even weeks (dare I say months) before an idea is put into a creative shoot and published as a first edition.

I would not be capable of running a 365 project at all.

Is it age, maturity, lack of time or just plain rebellion against the here and now instant gratification.
I dont know but it is for sure not a writers block or an artistic lack of ideas.

It is just … it takes more time.
It needs more thought.
It needs planning.
It needs lightening, stagehands, and the full Me2 Crew
It needs to be pixel perfect on FX mode.
It needs more time …

So, how long does it take you ?

Have you ever went to great lengths to take a shot and then eventually decide to NOT publish it ?
Have you ever taken a piece of paper and drawn out the complete scenery ?
Have you ever considered getting a smoke machine into your scenery ?
Have you ever considered renting additional glass (read lenses) because the once you have dont support the right idea ?


A most hectic week is coming to an end.

From crazy staff meetings with Darth on the latest flavor of the marshmallows being served in the Canteen on the Death Star to visiting other big Inc. headquarters near the origin of mankind in Europe in the surroundings of Heidelberg.

One question has been brewing in my mind since our epic journey came to an end and new adventures are kicking in.

A very simple question.

A question that goes back to the old philosophers in the ancient world and beyond.

A question Simon (re)introduced and made easy in the corporate world when he spoke at TED a while back when he talked about the golden hour circle.

A question that we should all ask ourselves.

A question we do talk often about in our posts and in our talks.


Why are we shooting little plastic pieces most people call toys ?
Why are we going to great lengths in getting that right piece of brick ?
Why do we put our friends and family in awkward situations when we go to great lengths to get that fantastic shot ?
Why do we give selfies to our close friends and believe our pictures should be stuck to a wall.

We are not the first to shoot plastic.
We are not unique in our photography.
We are not the rich and famous.

Yet, we believe that being stuck in plastic here with you is the right thing, even if we don’t have all the answers yet.


That is indeed the question.

A question we will be exploring in more details the coming weeks.

From neocortex to art statement.
From limbic to printing big.
From IG to RL.

Stay Tuned.

Guess what …

While Shelly keeps us sane and down to Planet Earth, I feel guilty and running after corporate Inc. with my little bicycle these last few weeks …

Any clue where this picture was taken ?


Total Meltdown

Total Meltdown

When Shelly opened up the pandora box of where do you want to take your editing I felt the complete scala of rainbow colors (and beyond) passing by and was actually pretty close to a total meltdown experience.

The question is maybe too large to answer in our life time but it is still a question we have to ask ourselves and is for sure part of every photographers inner monologue and will pop up here once in a while at #stuckinplastic (and we even may find its own #hashtag for it).

When IG (instagram for those of you who are not into acronyms) took filtering and direct feel good snapshots to the next level on the iPhone, we actually took the quick snapshots into the next level and added some magic to it that was previously only reserved to the inner crowd.

And that is great, and we should embrace it, explore it, extend it, use it, filter the heck out of it ….

Now, at the same time it is actually just that, taking your picture to the next level.
It is liberating the inner beauty of what is already there.
It is extrapolating it, magnifying, making it more visible.
But it can only do as much with the RAW (pun intended) material we present it.
A bad composition will not turn into a masterpiece because we apply a Hefe (not the beer, the filter) or a Lord Kelvin to it.

And sometimes we will push a good composition and well lit balance over the edge and ruin the experience with post processing and filters.

I love HDR (especially the kind that takes a tripod, a golden hour, 3 exposures and some heavy post processing in the studio and when you post it no one actually thinks it’s HDR and just loves the scene), I love filters, I love artificial lightening, I love cleanup as ultimately the picture needs to be telling the story, be magic, pulling you in, regardless of the tools used …

Now at the same time I love a low ISO, an f stop that gives me a bokeh I cannot artificially recreate and glass that allows me to blow up my pictures full frame without the need to crop (you know the whole macro discussion) and deep down I believe in craft to reach art …

So, will we discuss “technique” here on #stuckinplastic ?

Yes, for sure (unless you tell us to shut up and tell us you only want the pictures).

So whenever it make sense or Shelly decides to open up the box of magic we may be taking a deep dive in filters and techniques …

Let us know in the comments below what you think about “post processing” …

Totally M.