Things are starting to take shape.

Our registration is now officially closed. We have the final list of great folks joining us here in Vaxholm, Sweden from all over Europe (and the West Coast off course). The emails have been sent today and you should all have gotten the final instructions and details into our epic weekend in only two weeks from now, or like @herrsm said, T-12 from now before we all meet. Excited ! Continue reading “#baltictoysafari”

Welcome Back

Welcome to Stuck In Plastic

After 214 posts and 11 months in the good hands of blogger we felt it was time to take us places and bring some of our scattered experiments (remember our rooms on G+ ?) together here on our new site and create a creative and collaborative platform where artists and collectors alike can connect and explore our work, your work and we can keep our content a little bit better organized.

At the heart of it is our blog where we continue to explore all things plastic and look for the inner child and drivers why we shoot plastic and engage with you.

A blog that allows us now to get much more guest posts without us having to be the man in the middle. Guest posts from you directly.

But there is more, much more to come and we are working to make the experience much more social and direct.

We moved our rooms from G+ to here and we will be adding more features to it as we go along to bridge all our different social platforms and be able to engage and connect with you.

Explore places to shoot.
Explore places to meet.
Explore places to stuck our work to walls and conquer the world, one brick at a time.

It is just the next step in us exploring all things plastic, engaging with you and capture (y)our passion for plastic.



Now is maybe a good time to register and make that first post in the green room ?

One World

I admire +Me2 and his grand adventure of friends. To bring together people from several continents and many countries who’s only link to each other is a mutual love of Lego (and a sense of the absurd) is a beautiful thing. If only the rest of the world would get on board and join the fun.

I love the Instagram toy community that I am an active member of. It has shown me in so many ways that we are one world. We have so much in common beyond just having mother’s and father’s. Maybe we can counteract the fear and suspicion that seems to be taking over our planet by making friends across the globe. Each connection makes us stronger and less fearful of our differences.

In lieu of making friends and connections I guess we can always rely on a good alien invasion to bring us together.

~ xxsjc

Did you have a chance to catch up on the blog and see all the great group shots?
What super hero do you want to save us when the aliens come?


Strange things are happening to our friends.

Did they disappear from the surface ?

Are they just taking a break or are they being abducted by aliens from outer space ?

Did you see the Crew ?



While the Crew is enjoying a sleepover in the city of Tronsø amongst some of the smartest brains of this world, our ever wondering explores are catching up slowly and reached the Silver Falls …

Will they catch up with our friends before they reach their highest destination ?
Why are they so determined to catch up ?
Is danger lurking ahead, or do they have clue to the quest of the Crew ?

Time will tell … just like the pebbles on the beach tell a story of million years ago.

The Fallacy of Validation

“Validation is for parking” ~ from Steal Like an Artist

This made me laugh, because it’s so true! I often see people grousing that their posted photos aren’t getting enough likes or comments on Instagram. Another popular complaint is that their photos never get featured by any of the toy groups.  All I can think to say to this is that you shouldn’t look to Instagram, Flickr, Google, Tumblr or anything else for validation. Because you aren’t going to get it.

What people like or don’t like is a very fickly enterprise. It is based on their own tastes coupled with their own experiences and occasionally these will intersect with what you are creating. Think of it like a vin diagram with a very small sliver of overlap. Whether or not what you are creating is good enough, has nothing to do with it. Being good is only half of the equation.

Oh did I mention luck is the other half? It’s that weird intangible that separates those that get recognized and those that toil away in obscurity. Life is fickle and art is a temperamental task master. So don’t get frustrated, roll with it, and make some art. Trust me, you will feel better.

So get out your toys, have some fun, take some pictures and look for your validation inside yourself. If it makes YOU happy, then it is good enough.

Did you take any toy photography pictures this weekend like Me2 did?
When was the last time you got a parking ticket?

~ xxsjc

I’ve bored you all enough with my philosophical ramblings. The rest of this week I will be posting on technique. I didm’t play with my camera this weekend, but I did play with my printer. This was almost as good!

Englishmen in New York


As part of the annual spring cleaning and preparing myself for the summer ahead I brought my body in to my local favorite store for a thorough sensor cleansing ahead of May Fourth.

After a good twelve minutes I got the verdict my body was too dirty and needed attention of the mother ship.

The Death Star …

Luckily I was close to the mother ship and was able to leave the body for a complete clean and check up session but was not mentally prepared to hear it would take a good two (or three weeks) to get the body rejuvenated by the friendly Stormtrooper on duty.

I keep my fingers crossed the friendly Trooper on the other side of the counter will do everything possible so I get it back before the photoshoot planned in two weeks from now.

That said, getting a mental break from being *forced* to shoot *new* and have the opportunity to revisit some of my older shoots, clean up and redefine my workflow and spend some quality time with Lightroom Five and  Epson 3880 may give a refreshing view here …

On the way back home, I felt very naked having to leave my body of choice behind and Sting was blasting from the speakers … An Englishmen in New York

Sometimes I feel like Sting or Crisp and feel like a legal alien here in Stockholm.

So what better as revisiting these shoots from our Alien friends who came in peace in 2012 …

Did you have your body checked recently ?


Footnotes to self:

Day 13 in my personal challenge  (and this is on old repost from 2012)

As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice …