The test

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After a pause, she opened her eyes and nervously took hold of the controls. She’d never driven until 6 days ago. What on earth was she doing in the cockpit of an RC Car taking her driver’s test?!


Lego ShtacyP had never cared too much for cars. But sometimes in life you have to take opportunities when they arise. So when the chance to take a Fast-Track RC Driving Course came up, ShtacyP didn’t want to let it pass her by.

‘L Plates’ on and ready to learn!

The week got off to a rough start. She was given an RC 49025 to learn in, a high speed stunt car that had a helluva kick when you accelerated. Took a little while to get used to it.

Her fellow learner-drivers had some initial cause for concern.
But eventually she nailed the wheelie starts.

The day of the test finally came round. The car was ready. Lego ShtacyP was ready. But there was one man who could scupper the whole operation. He was called Dennis.

Lisa the mechanic helping to tune up the stunt car before the test.
Dennis seemed nice enough, but he was the type of guy who dyed his moustache…

There were a number of core manoeuvres that ShtacyP had to prove she had mastered. Wheelie control. Straight-line speed. Parallel parking. But then there were two unknown elements. What would they be?

1. Urban Slalom
2. 360 spinº

The test was over. ShtacyP felt like it had gone pretty well. She hadn’t crashed afterall. But Dennis was known to be a tough marker, and it’s always hard to tell with these things, isn’t it?

Climbing out of the cockpit she felt confident.

It was good news, ShtacyP had passed! Awarded her Certificate of Achievement from Dennis she had graduated successfully from RC School. What a triumph after less than a week of training. She was unsure of what doors this would now open up for her, but it was clear that she was a natural who relished the freedom of racing about town. Who knows, maybe she would take some ‘Grown Up Driving’ lessons now…

What a lovely certificate! Straight on the wall methinks.

P.S. Here’s a little blooper trail of all the motion shots I tried in order to get the perfect shot.

Thanks to our friends at LEGO for providing this LEGO Technic car.

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2 years ago

Cool story! ShtacyP is much braver than me :D I’m terrified of driving a car :D