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Recognised LEGO Fan Media days

It´s that time of year again. We´re happy to having been invited to attend this year´s edition of the RLFM days in Billund, Denmark, once more. We have been writing about it in recent years, yet some of you may still be asking: the….what??

The RLFM days is a three-day meet-up at the LEGO home in Billund, where representatives and community managers of the company and those from recognised fan media get together to exchange thoughts, ideas, opinions. It´s a great chance to talk eye-to-eye, express words of praise as well as constructive feedback where necessary. Interesting and valuable information about new sets or themes are given out first hand so we can pass them on to you.

A small glimpse at the exhibition inside LEGO Idea House

One of the most exciting bits of these days is surely the interview day! It´s our chance to meet designers and teams from various themes and ask them questions. We may not be able to take you all with us. But we do believe in the saying „Sharing is caring“. That´s why we want to know:

What Would You Ask A LEGO Designer?

This year we will be able to talk to representatives from the following themes:

  • Ideas
  • Jurassic World/ Harry Potter
  • Overwatch
  • Speed Champions
  • Creator Expert
  • Architecture
  • Hidden Side
  • Stranger Things

Looking at the names above, are there any questions that instantly come to your mind? What do you want to know really badly but never had a chance to ask?

Please share your questions in the comment section below until Tuesday, 22nd of May, and we´ll try to get back from Denmark with some valuable answers for you. (Please keep your questions friendly and possible critisism constructive. It will raise the chance for answers that you´ll be happy with.)

We´re looking forward to your ideas.

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5 years ago

Hmm. I will miss this year and I am for sure jealous

Here are some questions I always wanted to ask but never got to write a blogpost about.

Favorite LEGO colour.
Favorite LEGO piece.
Favorite Minifigure of 2019. There are so many new pieces coming out that you can maybe get a slip of the tongue :)
Favorite restaurant in Billund.

Still jealous … but really looking forward to the live stream and all the amazing interviews we will be publishing this year hint

5 years ago
Reply to  HerrSM

Let’s do the restaurant. We can then check it out later this year ;)

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