Animal Life In My Neighbourhood

A Sunny Day

The other day I took a walk in a nearby park. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the clear blue sky offered a spectacular view from pole to pole. I was happily enjoying the day when suddenly I heard some tiny and high-level voices. I stopped and looked around but couldn’t spot the voices’ origin. I slowly kneeled down to search on the ground. There! Among some blades of grass, I saw something. First I couldn’t see what it was until finally, I spotted… two chipmunks!

Hidden in the urban jungle


I’d never seen chipmunks in my neighbourhood before. But here they were, marching through the underbrush of grass and supposedly holding a conversation. I couldn’t understand their language. Still, they seemed relaxed. Hadn´t they noticed me?

When I changed my weight from one knee to the other, I cracked a dry branch and the furry friends got frightened and ran away. They were almost too fast to follow with my eyes. They rushed up a tree and didn’t think I had seen it. They slowed down and when they thought they were safe again and invisibly hidden behind the leaves of a tree, they took up their chatting again. I silently got back on my feet and spotted the boys almost on eye level.

Chip enjoying the sunny day
Dale hiding in a tree


This time they saw me as well but didn’t seem to be scared at all. Instead, they looked at me with a certain curiosity. The smile on my face seemed to tell them that I wasn’t an enemy. They smiled back and let me watch them on their way and even take some photos.

Chipmunks are nuts about acorns
Smiling back
Hey there, little friend!

Home Sweet Home

Finally they reached their home in a knothole. They turned around one last time before stepping inside.

“My home is my…tree”

I turned around and walked back home. The smile on my face remained there for quite some time.

What a peaceful place our world can be when we treat each other with respect.

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Stacy Phillips
4 years ago

Love this so much! How lucky you were to experience ‘nature’ in such a way!

4 years ago

Haha, great!
I just sent mine, and if I dare say, well, great minds think alike!

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