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​I live in the northern English county of Cheshire. I am in my early 40’s and married. I have one grown up step-son and two grandchildren. Currently working for the local National Health Service (NHS) Management Accounts team. Outside of my toy photography, I am a fan of science fiction/fantasy movies and books. Currently working my way through Garth Ennis comics.

I first picked up a camera back in 2012 when coming across David Rupp who had an online photography site. Despite living in the United States we have become close friends. He encouraged me to pick up a camera and over the course of 18 months undertook a project called ‘Across the Pond’. Each week we would have a theme and every Sunday would exchange the pictures we took and comment on them. Despite not being very good, David was a great source of encouragement and helped me develop as a hobby photographer.

Ade and toy photography

David would also encourage me to start posting my pictures online despite me being a bit of a social media hermit. So using Facebook, I would start joining photography groups and join in the monthly themes. It was here I posted what you would class as a toy picture back in 2014. The theme was yellow so I took a picture of LEGO heads, as around the same time I was starting to collect the LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series. However, this did not start my toy photography passion as I was still very much enjoying more landscape and animal photography.

It was not until 2017 that toy photography became more of an interest. Again it was David that peaked my interest as he was posting Funko Pop pictures. By this time I had built up a sizable LEGO minifigures collection. Then, I joined Instagram, took a month just to get to grips with the new media before I eventually started to post my pictures.

I quickly grew to love taking LEGO pictures and found a lot of encouragement from the toy community. I came across sites like Stuck in Plastic and Toy Photographers and I was able to find tips on improving my photography. Also coming across other forms of toy photography was such a joy and I have found the toy community as a whole one of the friendliest, warmest, inspiring communities I have come across.

Ade and SiPgoes53

I do enjoy the challenge of some of the toy groups themes and contests as it gives me something to focus on. Last year, I took part in the SiP52 challenge and though I got off to a reasonable start, I eventually struggled to keep pace and if I am honest, I was not happy with the submissions. I eventually dropped out but was inspired by the likes of Ballou34 and Bevvypix and seeing their weekly submissions. So when SiPgoes53 was announced, I really wanted to take on the challenge. I felt in a better place personally and my photography had also grown, although I still do not have a style unless you count simplistic as a style.

There are a fair few people on the list I have no or little knowledge about but that is what makes the project more challenging.

I am having to learn to be more creative with the challenge as my pictures for the project include using a little brown LEGO mouse piece. I need to ensure the pictures not only reflect the person in question but to make sure each picture is different from the last. In itself a challenge as with the weeks going by it can be tough to put Little Miss Mouse in different and interesting situations.

Ade’s project

Of the pictures I have submitted so far, it is the one I posted for Wes Anderson I am most pleased with. I knew who Wes was having seen most of his movies but when I was thinking about a picture I was coming up blank. I read the Stuck In Plastic blog and did a lot of internet research as I have done with most of the people. However, because he became to date one of the toughest challenges the final result was more rewarding. I tried to take on some of his trademark styles and based the picture on a still from one of his movies. The feedback received was encouraging and it has given me confidence going forward with the rest of the project.

We all have different visions and thoughts on the list of people but the one person I am looking forward to is Walt Disney. I appreciated today’s commercial Disney is not for everyone but Walt’s vision and dream makes him one of the most inspiring people I have read about.

I would recommend and encourage others to take up the project. Whereas as I am aiming to do all 52 people, I feel others could be more selective. One photographer, Leadbricks, has just submitted a picture for Marie Curie as it relates to her work and clearly someone she has been inspired by. So whether one or all 52, I feel projects like SiPgoes53 can give people like myself a focus and a challenge that will help inspire
growth and creativity.


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4 years ago

Great piece Ade :)

4 years ago
Reply to  Minifignick

Thank You Nick.

4 years ago

Thank you kindly for allowing me to be part of the SiP blog. I feel humbled to be part of such a wonderful friendly group. So to the SiP family, have a pleasant weekend.

4 years ago
Reply to  sir_legoade

Thanks for joining and hanging out with us :)
The pleasure is all ours.
I love the Mouse shots. The are amazingly sweet.

4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Thank You Boris :)

4 years ago

Your interview is so nice to read, I truly LOVE yours pictures for SiPgoes53. With this little mouse you are showing so much in a subtile way :)

4 years ago

Guessing I’m quite late for the party but hey… thanks, Ade, for sharing YOUR story on here! I always appreciate your mousetastic works. And surely I’m looking forward to what else you will come up with. See your (or your pics) soon…

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