Wonder Woman’s Lipstick

This month’s word is craftsmanship and the crew is having some great discussions behind the screen on where to take the craftsmanship.

Lipstick and the Healing Brush

When selecting this month’s word one of the influences came from Maelick comment or should I say “ask” in one of the social channels on how much you clean up your images, and I can tell you it is one of my basic skills I almost always apply. I use the lipstick to clean up the major flaws of LEGO prints, dust and the non-authentic scars of age. I do post correct, and I can tell you, the one single reason why I cannot abandon Adobe Photoshop for just Lightroom is the magic properties of the Healing Brush and it’s Hogwarts magical properties of healing. It is subtle, yet so amazingly powerful.

So, in order to support the discussion on craftsmanship, we installed a little plugin that should help us with the before and after of our crafts and what better way to test it, than the subtle power of the healing brush.

What do you say?
Not worth the effort?
Do you clean up as well?

And then, of course, we have the final image against the RAW output.

Another step in the manipulation of the canvas.
Yet still very close to the original intent captured within the camera.

And sometimes it is slightly more disruptive.

Have a great creative weekend!



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6 years ago

I tend to try to do as much as possible in Lightroom to avoid creating a large file for every photo I post. And even if I can’t solve the problem in LR, I can decide not to fix it if the photo is not worth the effort.

But then even sometimes Photoshop magic healing brush is not enough. Maybe I should also do a before/after post to show how far I’ve gone to in PS :-)

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