Busy times here in The Studio with getting ready for our upcoming show in Seattle the first week of March with Shelly and Avanaut. We have booked the plane tickets for the Crew and are in the middle of creating our invitations, press kits, down selecting the final prints for the print lab while we also have to work out the detailed schedule of our week in Seattle.

Our check list of To Do Post Its is ever growing and to top it of we had a new crazy alien hippie friend crashing The Studio today and adding some great new ideas to our to do list.

Muskari™ is his name, and he insisted he should get a quick selfie taken before we continue our preparations for Seattle. After the shoot we got talking about what we were going to do the whole week and he was wondering if we should not organize a Toy Photo Walk in Seattle while we are all in town anyway (talk about self inviting aliens here, as Muskari™was not on the original short list of Aliens traveling along to the West Coast).

So, while our schedule will be packed this first week of March with the whole gallery show, we may find the time for an official Seattle Toy Walk with Muskari™ and friends.

Interested ?

Let us know in the comments below what would work for you and we try to include it in the official Seattle Program which we will be publishing soon.

PS. Looking forward to hear from that other convention that is running right now in Vegas, but I will leave that for Shelly.


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Brick Sailboat
9 years ago

Shelly: Let me know when you guys have the official press release and I’ll send it to my many VR families via social media:)
~Brick Sailboat

9 years ago
Reply to  Brick Sailboat

Thank you Paul! We are working on all of that right now. Hopefully we will have the main story / pitch written by the end of the month. I will keep you posted. xo

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