The Man Behind The Plastic

Hello World ! Me2 asked me to come out of the proverbial toy closet and tell a little bit more about the man behind the plastic and share with you some of the early days when Me2 and I set out on our first adventures. It all started a good  4 years ago with a new “little” creative project when Me2 was introduced into our family.

It did not take long before our “little” companion started to flood my own IG account and spam my Facebook timeline with his plastic pictures.

One of the most epic first shoots Me2 and I did abroad was Me2 and the Sfinx shot at location in Malta.

The Sfinkx - Page IThe Sfinkx - IIThe Sfinx - III

It was the beginning of a new era.

Soon thereafter Me2 convinced yours truly he should get his own IG account, followed by Flickr, WWW, SmugMug, Twitter, … (the whole package) and the rest is history.

I have never made a secret I am part of the Creative Crew behind this little fellow, yet Me2 has been kind of secret about it, putting rightfully the focus on himself and his latest work.

So, when we were discussing the year ahead Me2 flagged to me I should get more actively engaged again (he needed some “outing”) as he would have difficulties in getting his own ESTA approved to visit the USA and he needed a human to chaperone him.

I must admit I was slightly flabbergasted.

A little plastic man of about 4 cm that has no problem in getting to conquer the Sfinx, travel to The Death Star™ and Beyond™, and post pictures on IG seriously outnumbering my own little IG account there needed me for an ESTA.

Why ?

And then he told me.
He got himself not only stuck in plastic, he also got himself exposed in an art exhibition, with some other great plastic friends in Seattle and he needed the man behind the plastic to come along.

I was and still am soooo very proud  that Me2 got an exclusive Art Exhibition in Seattle together with Shelly Corbett (aka xxSJC) and Vesa Lehtimäki (aka Avanaut) that I could only say yes.

Yes, to come out of the toy closet and be the man behind the plastic.

Expect some more human updates from me here on Stuck In Plastic in this New Year.

See you all in Seattle !


PS. My personal blog can be found here.

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8 years ago

Glad that Me2 finally shared some info about that man Boris

8 years ago

Like HerrK I am happy to have the human out from behind Me2. Personally I think that you, Boris, are far more interesting than Me2. But you don’t have to tell him that. :D

8 years ago

Glad that Me2 finally shared some info about that man Boris

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