The Power of Now

We sometimes sound like your average Big Three or your  weekly TED episode when we go on about the Why we shoot Plastic and pop questions what does good look like  or start using platitudes like the power of now and before you know you may start to feel inside a cubicle/boardroom of IBM, Accenture or Deloitte (this is another set of Big Three) when we talk about all of these and casually mention the golden circle of Simon and Shelly, yet these questions are equally relevant for us as the creative minds in the field.

As most of you know I just returned from a quick stop over in LA, CA  and I am eagerly looking forward to processing some of the imagery in my lightroom this weekend and share with you here on Stuck In Plastic (stay tuned).

The one lesson I got thrown in my face this last week is exactly the soundbite of the  Power of Now. The Power of Now that reminds you of  taking that (preliminary) picture now, right here, even if all the conditions are not all right (harsh light, forgot your tripod, …) when you are in a unique location (which LA is for me). Take the “snapshot”, dont be arrogant and believe you can retiurn to better conditions.

Take that first shot as the future may be worse.

We experienced quite some extensive downpour over the weekend which explicitly killed some of our planned sunsets (but it made the LA folks happy) but we should not ever delay a shoot because it can be better (which I did as I only took a quick iPhone shoot when scouting) and assumed the arrogance the conditions (read weather) would be equally good.

Never assume and remember the Power of Now, especially in the digital age.

We should shoot now (while scouting) and return back at the right time when shooting plastic on places you normally don’t go, so when the right time ends to be drowning in rain, we should still be able to look back at that picture we took at harsh sunlight at high noon.

Shoot when you can, as you never know how the elements will be in a few days or even hours.

The next day I spent three hours on Hollywood Boulevard, and enjoyed two hours of rain.

This image is not perfect, but it gives me the memory of being on Hollywood Boulevard, now.

Between two rain clouds. Showing that boardroom management lessons on the power of now are equally important for the creative in the field.

Make sure you shoot now.

I am curious what our friends in Vegas will bring to the table … rain or no rain, the Power of Now will tell us.


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Lynn Moore
8 years ago

Excellent advice :-) I grew up in LA and I’ve been a bit homesick lately so I’m looking forward to your photos. That rain you experienced was definitely unusual for LA :-)

Lynn Moore
8 years ago
Reply to  Boris

I can’t wait to see it! My husband grew up in SM :-)

8 years ago

Looking forward to seeing your work… This NY’er has been to LA a few times and Santa Monica is a lovely memory!

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