Floating Bricks 2019

We Simply Had To…

Last week we visited Stefan’s hometown and the holy grounds of FC St. Pauli´s Millerntor Stadion for a game of fuzzball Floating Bricks. After joining last year´s edition, we knew we wanted to participate and share our passion for toy photography again. Not just by “simply” printing big and hanging our work on the walls, but by inspiring and co-creating with the visitors and exhibitors themselves. We wanted to build a SiP Pop Up event like the one we successfully tried out in Skaerbaek last autumn.

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SiP goes Floating Bricks 2.0

Deadlines And A Thing Called Life

The first quarter of the year is almost done. #SiPgoes53 is in full swing and celebrities and people of interest are our guests every week. Some deadlines called out for our attentions and some days were filled with a hectic pace and tight schedules.

The happier we are to announce to you that SiP will be returning to Hamburg, Germany. But not for a simple trip down the Reeperbahn. Instead we´re overjoyed to be returning to the Floating Bricks exhibition. After last year´s overwhelming edition we´ll be joining the great people from Steinhanse for a weekend at…

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Thank You, Floating Bricks.

It is a wrap.

Floating Bricks 2018 closed its doors and we are truly honoured to have been part of this magical adventure.  2 days really on the docks of the Hamburg Harbour, together with ten thousand (yep, 10K) visitors enjoying Floating Bricks and a lot of square meters of awesome plastic-ness.

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Hamburg, tired but oooh so happy to have seen hundreds (or should I say thousands) of kids and adults alike, looking at our images and sharing laughters and joy when they discovered something in our images and shared it with both friends and parents. Continue reading “Thank You, Floating Bricks.”