SiP goes Floating Bricks 2.0

Deadlines And A Thing Called Life

The first quarter of the year is almost done. #SiPgoes53 is in full swing and celebrities and people of interest are our guests every week. Some deadlines called out for our attentions and some days were filled with a hectic pace and tight schedules.

The happier we are to announce to you that SiP will be returning to Hamburg, Germany. But not for a simple trip down the Reeperbahn. Instead we´re overjoyed to be returning to the Floating Bricks exhibition. After last year´s overwhelming edition we´ll be joining the great people from Steinhanse for a weekend at…

No, let them tell you themselves. Here´s an excerpt from their official announcement:

Football cult meets bricks art
Floating Bricks 2019 at Millerntorstadion

LEGO is a cult and a tradition. FC St. Pauli has a long tradition in Hamburg and the Millerntor Stadium is cult as well. We have the unique opportunity to bring these things together:

The big LEGO fan exhibition in Hamburg, the “Floating Bricks 2019”, will take place on                                                                                                               

March 23rd/24th

in the Millerntor Stadium of FC St. Pauli.

Visitors and exhibitors will have access to the large ballroom of the main grandstand with 1500 sqm of exhibition space and direct access to the interior of the stadium. Thus it is a double highlight to admire the exhibition with grandiose buildings and to take a look from the grandstand through the stadium round. But that’s not enough. The famous Hamburg Fairground “DOM” opens its gates on the same weekend. No one will be bored this weekend.

Creative architecture, presented in grandiose models or MOCs, many hands-on activities and the flair of a traditional football club are simply cult and a must for every LEGO fan.

Floating Bricks 2019

Sounds Great? Sure Does!

We´re happy and proud to being part of this event in such an iconic location with our SiP Pop Up booth. Hopefully we will be meeting old friends and new ones this coming weekend. Will you join us and celebrate the joy for the brick? We can´t wait to see you there! (Opening hours and how to get there can be found here.)

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5 years ago

Enjoy for the ones that can’t come! ;)

5 years ago

Was nice to meet u there. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day.

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