Looking back at SiPgoesTT

Time flies… We’re reaching the end of the first quarter of 2021, and my last blog post dates back to early December when I wrote about my Elven Harry Potter project for SiPgoesTT. But even though we’ve already announced our project for 2021, we’ve never concluded SiPgoesTT. The truth is, since December, writing a recap …

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Week 47 – Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan, in his original Portuguese form Fernão de Magalhães, was the man who led the first circumnavigation around the world. This week is all about the age of discovery and the great explorers from the 15 to 17th century. Christopher Columbus is the most well-known explorers, yet we picked Magellan as a less obvious …

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On my way back to planet Earth I tried to catch up with the news of what is happening in our part of the universe. And I must say it was really a sad day to read on recent accidents and growing intolerance on our little planet and heated conflicts the last few weeks. Like …

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