The Brave Knight

Meet Daniel

Daniel aka @stories_in_bricks took a closer look at the breathtaking adventures of a brave knight.

The Brave Knight of the order of the Black Raven

To Win A Queen’s Heart

I took the knight into the forest to tell the tale of the brave dragon hunter, who fought in the royal tournament.

The Brave Knight is approaching a mighty dragon
The dragon is set to protect itself.
A fight for life or death!
Final attack?
Mission accomplished. That dragon is history.

Here I just used the natural environment of the forest for the surroundings and added the old Creator dragon for the dragon hunt. From here our Brave Knight went on to the next levels of the tournament…

First up: the jousting.
And finally the sword fight.

He defeated the King’s champion in the joust and sword fight and received the trophy from the Queen. Did he also win her heart? We may never know…

The crowd is pleased. So is the Queen.

Some BTS

Watch out when shooting horses, they always have loads of siblings..

For the tournament scene I built some viewing podium for the royal entourage and mixed some classic knights and new figures to fill the crowd.
Since some pictures were taken against the sun, some fill lights from a Lume Cube were necessary to reduce the contrast between lights and shadows.

The tournament scene.
Additional lights from a Lume Cube.
The setup.

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all the posts, just follow this link.

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1 year ago

Epic Battles, Daniel. I really love The Raven and you made this a most amazing tribute to battling knights and not so fearless dragons.

And I really liked that little trick of getting the camera close to the ground by turning the tripod around. I am normally way to lazy.

Will steal the trick of using the fill light with the lume cube :)

1 year ago

Great shots and story!