Brand New Toy

Paul Got A Brand New Toy

There once was a boy…

This may start like a fairytale. Let’s keep it that way for a moment. Anyway, this also is a story about a boy. At this point, we don´t know the boy’s name. Let´s see what happens here in that story by @lego_men_explore.

The Boy With The Drone

The brand new toy

There once was a boy with a drone. He got it as a surprise present. It wasn’t something he’d really wished for before, but now he had it. He practised in his garden every day after school. The controls were sensitive. Just a gentle swipe to lift it up into the air. A circular motion to get the camera to spin and focus.

At the watermill

Soon the boy was getting good at the controls. So he went to a nearby watermill to really get to grips with the speed at which he could manoeuvre the drone around. Getting the drone out in a nice open space was very different from the confines of his garden, but the nearby water still scared him a little. After a gentle take-off he buzzed some nearby swans and captured a great photo of the old mill from the air.

In front of the one and only… (designed by JR and CF)

Some days had passed and he was asked to take some drone pictures of Hogwarts Castle! The boy jumped at the chance. There, in the hallowed grounds, he got everything ready and double checked the battery. He gingerly took the drone out and readied it for take-off. With a smooth swoop of the controls the drone was airborne and ready to snap pictures of the great hall at Hogwarts.

And that’s when he crashed it.

The End.

(*based on a true story*)


Sorry for that very last comment in brackets, Paul. Still thank you for sharing your flying experience here with us. We’re hoping you picked the drone up again and am looking for more aerial snaps from you.

Have you tried flying a drone in real life? What are your thoughts about it? Hot or not? You’re welcome to leave us a comment below. Until then, happy flying…

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all their amazing posts, just follow this link.

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