Yabba Dabba Doo

When TLG shared with us the opportunity to take The Flintstones LEGO Ideas set for a photographic tour, I was stoked.
Fred was a true childhood memory for me.
And so was Wilma, Pebbles, Dino, Barney, Betty and Bam Bam.
A cartoon series I enjoyed as a kid.
And while I did not grew up in the sixties, the series aired all the way to the nineties, and covers the whole spectrum of Generation X childhood.
Including mine.
So here I was.
Revisiting the past.
Sweet memories of big fat tube televisions.
Wednesday afternoons filled with cartoons.
Prehistoric cars run not by Elon’s AI, but by true human foot power and furry animals.
And then there was the iconic “Yabba Dabba Doo”

The Build

Before a toy photographer can get truly creative, she is first engulfed in a build experience to get the box rebuild. A most fun experience, where I tend to run away after bag one when all the minifigures are revealed. Yet LEGO has changed its approach and is now wisely hiding them in multiple bags across the whole build experience.
This set listening to the name 21316 is no difference.
And yes it has a teal blue brick separator in it.
Here is our take on the whole build in one minute.

The Shoot

As said before, the objective of us getting this set ahead of the release date was to get creative and take some fun pictures for TLG. If you are interested to join us in this kind of creative endeavour, than don’t hesitate to read this post in the forum and join in the fun.

Natural Lighting Outside

I wanted to shoot the set outside.
I have been spending too much time not behind the lens, and when I was behind the camera, I found myself tethered to my little iMac in my Studio.
So being outside with some natural light was something I wanted to include in this set. Hence, we went to a few of my favorite places in my neighborhood to catch the natural light.
The sun doing its magic.
The weather was perfect.
Zero degrees.
A light breeze.
And harsh noon light.
With big fat shadows.
Not so perfect after all.
And time to take my VALS, voice-activated light stand, along for the shoot (special thanks to my VALS Birk as he is also my VABB, voice-activated builder Birk)

The lost bowling ball

We did lose the one and only black bowling ball that is in the set.
It is still out there for those who want to go and look.
And some of you may recognize the outdoors location of Oskar-Fredriksborg we visited in 2015 with the very first Baltic Toy Photography Safari here in Sweden.
But we went home and replaced it with a red one.

The Flintstones

A fun little set, and I think I will have the car in my travel bag this summer. Together with the Flintstones and the Rubbles.

I am not sure I am 100% convinced I love the minifigures.
It has been awkward.
I love Fred’s tie. And both Barney and Fred as a character work, but their unshaven faces are just not 100% convincing to me.
Maybe it is just me.
Or time I need to accept them.
And I did read somewhere it had to do with their original iconic noises, but they are too single expression for me.
I will need some more time to explore them.
And their face only gives one expression.
Not two.
A missed opportunity.

Thelma and Louise

Wilma and Betty (or should I say Thelma and Louise) are different. They have a special cartoonish expression that speak more to me than Barney and Fred when it comes to their facial expressions.
And I am sure they will pop up more this summer.
However I could never get rid of some twisted not PC ideas when looking at the B roll expression of Betty.
Did anyone say AFOL?

So what happened to Bam Bam?

It is obvious this set is pushing for more.
Bam Bam and Pebbles are missing.
And so is Dino (not).

Dino is included in the set.
In a special way.
A screaming for more sequel way.
And I really loved this little twist of squeezing in the obvious forgotten or should I say missing character.

Dino, the missing character of the set back inside the Studio.

I really enjoyed shooting the set, and if you are in doubt, I can warmly recommend it.
It is a fun build, and sweet childhood memories.
At least for me.

Did anyone say Calimero?

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Well, this set makes me feeling divided
One way, like you, is nostalgia, souvenirs from my childhood and TV shows.
The other one is about the feeling of unfinished set.
I don’t know what, but it’s here (well, not in fact, as it’s missing).
Maybe I will buy it, but not full price.


The car and the ” big fat tube television” are so nice!
Indeed I prefer Wilma and Betty rather than Barney and Fred, they are funny :)